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Johann Heinrich Jakob Müller

Johann Heinrich Jakob Müller was a German physicist. more »

Johann Heinrich Lambert

Johann Heinrich Lambert was a Swiss mathematician, physicist, philosopher and astronomer. He is... more »

Johann Jakob Balmer

Johann Jakob Balmer was a Swiss mathematician and mathematical physicist. more »

Johann Jakob Müller

Johann Jakob Müller was a notable physiologist and physicist. more »

Johann Josef Loschmidt

Jan or Johann Josef Loschmidt, who referred to himself mostly as Josef Loschmidt, was a notable... more »

Johann Nikuradse

Johann Nikuradse was a Georgia-born German engineer and physicist. His brother, Alexander... more »

Johann Rafelski

Johann Rafelski is a German-American theoretical physicist and author. He is Professor of... more »

Johann Schweigger

Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger was a German chemist, physicist, and professor of mathematics... more »

Johann Tobias Mayer

Johann Tobias Mayer was a German physicist. He was mainly well known for his mathematics and... more »

Johann Wilhelm Hittorf

Johann Wilhelm Hittorf was a German physicist who was born in Bonn and died in Münster,... more »

Johann Wilhelm Ritter

Johann Wilhelm Ritter was a German chemist, physicist and philosopher. He was born in Samitz... more »

Johannes Bosscha

Johannes Bosscha Jr. was a Dutch physicist. Bosscha came from a family long known for their... more »

Johannes Browallius

Johannes Browallius was a Finnish and Swedish Lutheran theologian, physicist, botanist and... more »

Johannes Diderik van der Waals

Johannes Diderik van der Waals was a Dutch theoretical physicist and thermodynamicist famous for... more »

Johannes Fischer

Johannes Fischer was a German physicist. more »

Johannes Franz Hartmann

Johannes Franz Hartmann was a German physicist and astronomer. In 1904, while studying the... more »

Johannes Georg Bednorz

Johannes Georg Bednorz is a German physicist who, together with K. Alex Müller, discovered... more »

Johannes Juilfs

Johannes Wilhelm Heinrich Juilfs, also known by the alias Mathias Jules, was a German... more »

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer. A key figure in the 17th... more »

Johannes Kuenen

Johannes Petrus Kuenen was a Dutch physicist. more »

Johannes Orphal

Johannes Orphal is a German physicist. He is Full Professor of Physics and Director of the... more »

Johannes Rydberg

Johannes Robert Rydberg was a Swedish physicist mainly known for devising the Rydberg formula,... more »

Johannes Stark

Johannes Stark was a German physicist, and Physics Nobel Prize laureate who was closely involved... more »

John A. Dillon

John Andrew Dillon, Jr. was an American physicist, administrator, Professor at the University of... more »

John A. Smolin

John A. Smolin is an American physicist and Fellow of the American Physical Society at IBM's... more »

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