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Veerasamy Ringadoo

Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, GCMG, GCSK, QC, was the Governor General of Mauritius from 17 January... more »

Veerendra Patil

Veerandra Patil was a senior Indian politician and was twice, the Chief Minister of Karnataka... more »

Veerle Wouters

Veerle Wouters is a Belgian politician and is affiliated to the N-VA. She was elected as a... more »

Vegard Bye

Vegard Bye is a Norwegian political scientist and consultant, specializing in Latin America as a... more »

Vegard Thune

Vegard Thune is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party. He served as a deputy... more »

Veikko Vennamo

Veikko Emil Aleksander Vennamo was a Finnish politician. In 1959, he founded the Finnish Rural... more »

Veit Ludwig von Seckendorff

Veit Ludwig von Seckendorf, German statesman and scholar, was a member of a German noble family,... more »

Veit Wolpert

Veit Wolpert ist ein deutscher Politiker. Er war von 2004 bis 2006 und erneut von 2008 bis 2011... more »

Vel Phillips

Velvalea Rodgers "Vel" Phillips is a Wisconsin attorney who served as a local official and judge... more »

Velda González

Velda González de Modestti is a Puerto Rican actress, dancer, comedian, politician and former... more »

Velda Jones-Potter

Velda Jones-Potter is a Delaware businesswoman and politician. She was appointed by Governor... more »

Velega Savali

Velega Savali Savali Jr. is an American Samoan politician. Savali was a candidate for Lieutenant... more »

Veli Merikoski

Veli Kaarlo Merikoski was a professor in the University of Helsinki and once the Minister for... more »

Velibor Jonić

Velibor Jonić was a Serbian fascist politician and government minister in World War II... more »

Velimir Ilić

Velimir "Velja" Ilić is Serbian politician and Minister without portfolio in the Government of... more »

Velimir Vukićević

Velimir Vukićević was a Serbian Yugoslav politician. He served as Prime Minister of Yugoslavia... more »

Veliyam Bharghavan

Veliyam Bharghavan was a Communist leader from the Kerala, India. He was the state Secretary of... more »

Veljko Milatović

Veljko Milatović was a Montenegrin Communist partisan, politician, statesman serving once as the... more »

Veljko Vlahović

Veljko Vlahović was a Montenegrin member of the Yugoslav Communist Party from 1935. He studied... more »

Vellapally Natesan

Shri.V.K.Natesan popularly known as Vellappally Natesan is the General Secretary of the Sree... more »

Velmanette Montgomery

Velmanette Montgomery represents District 25 in the New York State Senate, which comprises Fort... more »

Velon John

Velon Leo John OBE is a Saint Lucian politician who represented the Laborie constituency for the... more »

Veltto Virtanen

Pertti Olavi "Veltto" Virtanen is a rock personality, presidential candidate, and a member of... more »

Veluchamy Thevar

Veluchamy Thevar was an Indian politician and former Member of the Legislative Assembly. He was... more »

Venâncio da Silva Moura

Venancio da Silva Moura was the Minister of External Relations of Angola from 1992 until a... more »

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