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Vladimir Polonsky

Vladimir Ivanovich Polonsky, was the 5th First Secretary of Azerbaijan Communist Party and a... more »

Vladimir Popović

Vladimir Popović also known as Vlado Popović, Diplomat, politician, general, revolutionary,... more »

Vladimir Posse

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Posse was a Russian socialist journalist and editor who typically signed... more »

Vladimir Puchkov

Vladimir Andreyevich Puchkov is a Russian political figure who is the Minister of Emergency... more »

Vladimir Purishkevich

Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich, was a Russian conservative politician, noted for his... more »

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a Russian politician who has been the President of Russia since... more »

Vladimir Rushailo

Vladimir Borisovich Rushailo is a Russian politician. From 1999 to 2001, he was the Interior... more »

Vladimir Ryzhkov

Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ryzhkov is a Russian historian and liberal politician, a co-chair of... more »

Vladimir Šeks

Vladimir Šeks is an influential Croatian politician, a member of the Croatian Democratic Union... more »

Vladimir Semichastny

Vladimir Yefimovich Semichastny was the head of the KGB from November 1961 to April 1967 and... more »

Vladimir Shamanov

Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov is a Colonel General with the Russian Armed Force, the... more »

Vladimir Shkolnik

Vladimir Sergeyevich Shkolnik, born 17 February 1949 in Serpukhov, Russia, served as the... more »

Vladimir Shumeyko

Vladimir Filippovich Shumeyko is a Russian political figure. In November 1991, Vladimir Shumeyko... more »

Vladimír Špidla

Vladimír Špidla is a Czech politician, currently president of Czech social democratic think-tank... more »

Vladimir Štengl

Vladimir Štengl is a Croatian politician and president of the government of the city of Vukovar... more »

Vladimir Tikhonov

Vladimir Ilich Tikhonov is a Russian politician and has been a leading member of the Communist... more »

Vladimir Torlopov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Torlopov is a Russian politician, who was the president of the Komi... more »

Vladimír Tošovský

Vladimír Tošovský is a Czech politician. He was the Minister of Industry and Trade in the... more »

Vladimir Ustinov

Vladimir Vasilyevich Ustinov is a Russian politician. He currently is the Plenipotentiary Envoy... more »

Vladimir Vardzelashvili

Vladimir "Lado" Vardzelashvili is a Georgian politician who served as the Minister of Sport and... more »

Vladimir Velebit

Vladimir "Vlatko" Velebit, PhD was a communist from Yugoslavia who joined the Partisans in 1941... more »

Vladimir Velichko

Vladimir Makarovich Velichko was a Soviet official and entrepreneur appointed as the First... more »

Vladimir Vladimirovich Kara-Murza

Vladimir V. Kara-Murza is a Russian politician, historian, and television journalist. He is an... more »

Vladimir Voronin

Vladimir Nicolaevici Voronin is a Moldovan politician. He was the third President of Moldova... more »

Vladimir Yakunin

Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin is a Russian official, president of the state-run Russian Railways... more »

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