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Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke is a Canadian comic book writer, artist, cartoonist and animator, known for his... more »

Dash Shaw

Dash Shaw is a U.S. comic book writer/artist and animator. He is the author of the graphic... more »

Dave Burgess

Dave Burgess is an animator more »

Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni is an American animation director, writer, and animator. He is most known for his... more »

Dave Fleischer

David "Dave" Fleischer was an American animation film director and film producer, best known as... more »

Dave Foss

Dave Foss is a film and television animator. more »

Dave Hoover

David Harold Hoover was an American comic book artist and animator, most notable for his art on... more »

Dave Kellett

Dave Kellett is the creator and cartoonist of two webcomic titles, Sheldon and Drive, and the... more »

Dave Pawsey

Dave Pawsey is a music video director and animator. more »

Dave Rowntree

David Alexander De Horne Rowntree is an English musician, as well as a solicitor, animator, and... more »

Dave Spafford

Dave Spafford is an animator. more »

Dave Thomas

Dave "Canadian" Thomas is a Canadian animation director at Cuppa Coffee Studios. more »

Dave Vandervoort

Dave Vandervoort is an animator. more »

David B. Levy

David B. Levy is a film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor,... more »

David Brehm

David Brehm is a cinematographer. more »

David Bunting

David Bunting is a film producer, film director and animator. more »

David Chai

David Chai is a film director, animator, actor, screenwriter,film editor and producer. more »

David Cutler

David Cutler is a film art director, production designer and visual designer. more »

David E. Perry

David E. Perry is a cinematographer, film editor, film director, film producer and animator. more »

David Feiss

David Feiss is an American animator. Feiss was born in Sacramento, California. He joined... more »

David Firth

David John Firth is an English animator, writer, musician, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, video... more »

David Funston

David Funston is a visual effects specialist. more »

David Hand

David Dodd Hand was an animator and animation filmmaker, best known for his work at Walt Disney... more »

David Hartman

David Hartman is a television director, animation director, television producer, art director,... more »

David Lalonde-Lavoie

David Lalonde-Lavoie is a film director. more »

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