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Nigel Coan

Nigel Coan is a British animator, director, and writer best known for his contributions to the... more »

Niki Yang

Niki Hyun Yang is a South Korean animator who currently lives in the United States. After... more »

Nikolai Chodatajew

Nikolai Chodatajew was a film director and animator. more »

Nikolas Ilic

Nikolas Ilic is an animator and film director. more »

Nina Paley

Nina Paley is an American cartoonist, animator and free culture activist. She directed the... more »

Noah Z. Jones

Noah Zachary Jones is an American animator, writer and illustrator. He is the creator of the... more »

Noam Sussman

Noam Sussman is an actor, film director, film score composer and animator. more »

Nobuo Tomizawa

Nobuo Tomizawa is a television director. more »

Noburō Ōfuji

Noburō Ōfuji was a Japanese film director and animator. One of the most notable auteurs of anime... more »

Nobutaka Ito

Nobutaka Ito is an animator. more »

Nobuteru Yūki

Nobuteru Yūki is a Japanese manga artist, illustrator, and animator. He began as a doujinshi... more »

Nora Twomey

Nora Twomey is an Irish animator and filmmaker. She is a partner in Cartoon Saloon, an animation... more »

Noreen Taylor

Noreen Taylor is the mother of Natasha McElhone. more »

Noriko Okaku

Noriko Okaku is an animator and film director. more »

Noriko Takaya

Noriko Takaya is an animator. more »

Norio Shioyama

Norio Shioyama is an animator, illustrator, character designer, and animation director born on... more »

Norma Roberts

Norma Roberts was an animator and the mother of actor Tony Roberts. more »

Norman Ferguson

William Norman "Norm" Ferguson was an animator for Walt Disney Studios and a central contributor... more »

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren, CC, CQ was a Scottish-born Canadian animator and film director known for his... more »

Noro Drziak

Noro Drziak is an artist, animator, screenwriter, writer, film art director and film director. more »

Noureddin Zarrinkelk

Noureddin Zarrinkelk is a renowned Iranian animator, concept artist, editor, graphic designer,... more »

Nuria Menchaca

Nuria Menchaca is a film director, film producer and an animator. more »

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