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Douglas Cardinal

Douglas Joseph Cardinal, OC is a Canadian architect based in Ottawa, Ontario. Born of Métis and... more »

Douglas Ellington

Douglas D. Ellington was an American architect who is noted for his work in the Art Deco... more »

Douglas Gardiner

Douglas Babbington Gardiner was an Australian architect active in the mid 20th century as a... more »

Douglas Orr

Douglas William Orr was an American architect based in New Haven, Connecticut. Born in Meriden,... more »

Douglas Snelling

Douglas Burrage Snelling was an Australian architect. He is known for his work as a Asia-Pacific... more »

Douglas Thornley

Douglas Thornley is an American architect. Thornley is a lead architect at Gould Evans Baum... more »

Douglass Wise

Douglass Wise is an architect and the father of Greg Wise. more »

Dov Karmi

Dov Karmi was a renowned Israeli architect. more »

Dragiša Brašovan

Dragiša Brašovan was a Serbian modernist architect, one of the leading architects of the early... more »

Drago Ibler

Drago Ibler was a Croatian architect and pedagogue. His style can be described as pure... more »

Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson is an actor, architect, screenwriter and a writer. more »

Duilio Forte

Duilio Forte is an Italian artist and architect. more »

Duiliu Marcu

Duiliu Marcu was a Romanian architect. He studied at the Bucharest Superior School of... more »

Duncan McDuffie

Duncan McDuffie was a real estate developer, conservationist, and mountaineer based in Berkeley,... more »

Dunham Jones Crain

Dunham Jones Crain was an American politician and diplomat from New York. more »

Dušan Grabrijan

Dušan Grabrijan was a Slovenian-Bosnian architect, architectural theorist and... more »

Dušan Jurkovič

Dušan Jurkovič was a Slovak architect, ethnographer and artist. One of the best-known promoters... more »

Dwight H. Perkins

Dwight Heald Perkins was an American architect and planner. Perkins was born in Memphis,... more »

Dwight James Baum

Dwight James Baum was an American architect most active in New York and in Sarasota, Florida... more »

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