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Albert Rex Bergstrom

Albert Rex Bergstrom was a distinguished New Zealand econometrician recognised for his work in... more »

Albert Schäffle

Albert Eberhard Friedrich Schäffle was a German sociologist, political economist, and newspaper... more »

Albert Winsemius

Albert Winsemius, a Dutch economist, was Singapore's long-time economic advisor from 1961 to... more »

Alberto Alesina

Alberto Francesco Alesina is an Italian political economist. He has published much-cited books... more »

Alberto Carrasquilla

Alberto Carrasquilla Barrera is a Colombian economist who served as Minister of Finance and... more »

Alberto Cinta

Alberto Emiliano Cinta Martínez is a Mexican economist, entrepreneur and politician who is a... more »

Alberto Fuentes Mohr

Alberto Fuentes Mohr was a Guatemalan economist and politician, one of the founders of the... more »

Albrecht Ritschl

Albrecht Ritschl is Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics. He studied... more »

Alec. Nove

Alexander Nove, FRSE, FBA was a Professor of Economics at the University of Glasgow and a noted... more »

Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez

Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez is a left-wing Mexican politician affiliated with the Party of the... more »

Alejandro Foxley

Alejandro Tomás Foxley Rioseco is a Chilean economist and politician. He was the Foreign... more »

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe

Alejandro Gaviria Uribe is the 3rd and current Minister of Health and Social Protection of... more »

Alejandro Jadresic

Alejandro Jadresic Marinovic is a Chilean industrial engineer, economist and an academic. He... more »

Alejandro Ramírez

Alejandro Ramírez was a Spanish economist. Ramírez was born in Spain in 1777 and studied Economy... more »

Alejandro Toledo

Alejandro Celestino Toledo Manrique is a politician who was president of Peru, from 2001 to... more »

Alejandro Végh Villegas

Alejandro Végh Villegas is a Uruguayan political figure. more »

Aleksandar Paunov

Aleksandar Dimitrov Paunov, is a Bulgarian politician, member of the Bulgarian National... more »

Aleksandar Tsankov

Aleksander Tsolov Tsankov was a leading Bulgarian Fascist politician between the two world wars. more »

Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi

Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, is an Italian economist and manager. more »

Alev Alatlı

Alev Alatlı is a Turkish economist, philosopher, columnist and bestselling novelist. more »

Alex Salmond

Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond is a Scottish politician and current First Minister of... more »

Alex Tabarrok

Alexander Taghi Tabarrok is a Canadian-American economist and co-author, with Tyler Cowen, of... more »

Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Aleksandrovich Bogdanov was a Russian physician, philosopher, science fiction writer,... more »

Alexander Chayanov

Alexander V. Chayanov was a Soviet agrarian economist, and scholar of rural sociology and... more »

Alexander de Erény Ullmann

Alexander de Erény Ullmann, was a Jewish Hungarian deputy and political economist. He was a son... more »

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