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André Kostolany

André Kostolany was a stock market expert, bon vivant and Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur. He... more »

André Medici

André Medici is a Brazilian health economist with a background in health strategy, public and... more »

André Morellet

André Morellet was a French economist writer and contributor to the Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire... more »

André Sapir

André Sapir is a Belgian Economist and Professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics &... more »

Andreas Papandreou

Andreas G. Papandreou was a Greek economist, a socialist politician and a dominant figure in... more »

Andreas Papandreou Jr.

Andreas Papandreou Jr. is an economist, author and teacher. more »

Andrei Gromyko

Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko was a Soviet statesman during the Cold War. He served as Minister of... more »

Andrei Manuilov

Alexander Appolonovich Manuilov was a Russian economist and politician. He was one of the... more »

Andrei Shleifer

Andrei Shleifer is a Russian American economist and Professor of Economics at Harvard... more »

Andrej Bajuk

Andrej Bajuk, also known in Spanish as Andrés Bajuk was a Slovene politician and economist. He... more »

Andrej Gosar

Andrej Gosar was a Slovenian and Yugoslav politician, sociologist, economist and political theorist. more »

Andrés Velasco

Andrés Velasco Brañes is an economist and professor. He served as the Finance Minister of Chile... more »

Andreu Mas-Colell

Andreu Mas-Colell is a Spanish economist, an expert in microeconomics and one of the world's... more »

Andrew B. Whinston

Andrew B. Whinston is an American economist and computer scientist. He is the Hugh Roy Cullen... more »

Andrew Bernard

Andrew B. Bernard is an American economist, currently the Jack Byrne Professor of International... more »

Andrew Brimmer

Andrew Felton Brimmer was a noted United States economist, academic, and business leader who was... more »

Andrew Caplin

Andrew S. Caplin is a British economist, now living in the United States, where he received his... more »

Andrew Clausen

Andrew Clausen is an Australian free software developer and economist. He has worked on trust... more »

Andrew Dilnot

Sir Andrew William Dilnot, CBE is a British economist and broadcaster. He was formerly the... more »

Andrew Glyn

Andrew John Glyn was an English economist, University Lecturer in Economics at the University of... more »

Andrew Leigh

Andrew Keith Leigh is an Australian politician and former professor of economics at the... more »

Andrew Oswald

Andrew Oswald was until recently the Acting Research Director at the IZA Institute in Bonn and... more »

Andrew Robb

Andrew John Robb AO is an Australian politician who is the current Liberal Party member for the... more »

Andrew Samwick

Andrew Alan Samwick is an American economist, who served as Chief Economist on the staff of the... more »

Andrew Tylecote

Andrew Tylecote is a British economist based at The University of Sheffield School of... more »

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