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Henrique Salas Römer

Henrique Salas Römer is a Venezuelan economist from Yale University, politically active in... more »

Henry Angus

Henry Forbes Angus, OC was a Canadian lawyer and academic. Born in Victoria, British Columbia,... more »

Henry Calvert Simons

Henry Calvert Simons was an American economist at the University of Chicago. His anti-trust and... more »

Henry Charles Carey

Henry Charles Carey was a leading 19th-century economist of the American School of capitalism... more »

Henry Crosby Emery

Henry Crosby Emery was a United States economist. more »

Henry Dunning Macleod

Henry Dunning Macleod was a Scottish economist. more »

Henry Ergas

Henry Ergas is a regulatory economist who has worked at the OECD, Australian Trade Practices... more »

Henry Fawcett

Henry Fawcett PC was a blind British academic, statesman and economist. more »

Henry George

Henry George was an American writer, politician and political economist, who was the most... more »

Henry Hazlitt

Henry Stuart Hazlitt was an American journalist who wrote about business and economics for such... more »

Henry Higgs

Henry Higgs was a British civil servant, economist, and historian of economic thought. Higgs... more »

Henry J. Aaron

Henry Jacob Aaron is the Bruce and Virginia MacLaury Senior Fellow in the Economics program at... more »

Henry Kaufman

Henry Kaufman is President of Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc., a firm established in April 1988,... more »

Henry Lee

Henry Lee was a political economist from Massachusetts, whose writings were popular in England... more »

Henry Ludwell Moore

Henry Ludwell Moore was an American economist known for his pioneering work in... more »

Henry Meulen

Henry Meulen was a British individualist anarchist and economist. He was an editor of the... more »

Henry N. Butler

Henry N. Butler is an American professor of law, economics, and public policy. He currently... more »

Henry Rogers Seager

Henry Rogers Seager, Ph.D. was an American economist. more »

Henry Rosovsky

Henry Rosovsky is an economic historian, specializing in East Asia, and Harvard University... more »

Henry Rowen

Henry S. Rowen is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a professor of public policy and... more »

Henry Schultz

Henry Schultz was an American economist, statistician, and one of the founders of econometrics. more »

Henry Wallich

Henry Christopher Wallich was a German American economist and central banker. He was a professor... more »

Henry William Spiegel

Henry William Spiegel is a 1945 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Henryk Grossman

Henryk Grossman, was an economist, historian, and revolutionary from Galicia. Born Kraków,... more »

Henryk Kierzkowski

Henryk Kierzkowski is an economist known for his work on imperfect competition and international... more »

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