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Vittore Belliniano

Vittore Belliniano was an Italian painter of the Renaissance considered to be identical with... more »

Vittore Carpaccio

Vittore Carpaccio was an Italian painter of the Venetian school, who studied under Gentile... more »

Vittore Grubicy de Dragon

Vittore Grubicy de Dragon was an Italian painter, art critic and art gallery owner who was... more »

Vittorio Bigari

Vittorio Bigari was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque. more »

Vittorio Miele

Vittorio Miele was an Italian painter. more »

Vivan Sundaram

Vivan Sundaram is an Indian contemporary artist. His parents were Kalyan Sundaram, Chairman of... more »

Viviano Codazzi

Viviano Codazzi was an Italian painter of quadratura, architectural paintings, capricci and ruin... more »

Vladas Jankauskas

Vladas Jankauskas was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Vladimir Becić

Vladimir Becić was a Croatian painter, best known for his early work in Munich, which had a... more »

Vladimir Borovikovsky

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky was a Russian painter of Ukrainian origin who dominated Russian... more »

Vladimir Chekalov

Vladimir Fedorovich Chekalov was a Russian Soviet realist painter and art teacher, who lived and... more »

Vladimir Dimitrov

Vladimir Dimitrov — Maystora, was a Bulgarian painter, draughtsman and teacher. He is considered... more »

Vladimir Gorb

Vladimir Alexandrovich Gorb - Soviet Russian painter, graphic artist, and art teacher, professor... more »

Vladimir Krantz

Vladimir Pavlovich Krantz - a Soviet Russian painter, lived and worked in Leningrad - Saint... more »

Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush is a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor. He studied at the Surikov... more »

Vladimir Ovchinnikov

Vladimir Ivanovich Ovchinnikov - Soviet, Russian painter, lived and worked in Leningrad, member... more »

Vladimir Rusakov

Vladimir Victorovich Kibalchich was a Russian-Mexican painter, known simply as “Vlady” in... more »

Vladimir Sakson

Vladimir Stanislavovich Sakson - Soviet, Russian painter, Book illustrator, Scenographer, Stage... more »

Vladimir Seleznev

Vladimir Ivanovich Seleznev was a Soviet Russian realist painter, lived and worked in Leningrad,... more »

Vladimir Sosnovsky

Vladimir Sosnovsky was a Ukrainian artist, known as a landscape and realist painter. He was born... more »

Vladimir Tatlin

Vladimir Yevgraphovich Tatlin was a Russian and Soviet painter and architect. With Kazimir... more »

Vladimir Yankilevsky

Vladimir Borisovich Yankilevsky is a Russian artist known mostly for his participation in the... more »

Vladimiras Dubeneckis

Vladimiras Dubeneckis was a Lithuanian architect and painter. more »

Vlaho Bukovac

Vlaho Bukovac, a Croatian painter. His life and work were eclectic, for the artist pursued his... more »

Vojo Stanić

Vojo Stanić is a Montenegrin painter and sculptor. Vojo Stanić was born in 1924 in Podgorica. He... more »

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