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Absadah was a Christian priest and martyr. more »


Abtolemus was a Jewish Tanna sage of the third Generation. Jose ben Halafta was his disciple. He... more »

Abu 'Ali al-Khaiyat

Abu 'Ali al-Khayyat, often called by the Latin title Albohali in western sources, was an Arab... more »

Abu al-Bahlul al-Awwam

Al-Awwam bin Mohammad bin Yusuf Al-Zajaj, known as Abu al-Bahlul was a Shiite Bahrani member of... more »

Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Jaznai

Abu al-Hassan Ali al-Jaznai was a Moroccan historian and author of Kitab Tarikh madinat Fas,... more »

Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid

Abu al-Hasan as-Said al-Mutadid was an Almohad caliph who reigned in Morocco from 1242 until his... more »

Abu Al-Izz Al-Hariri

Abu Al-Izz Al-Hariri is an Egyptian socialist politician. He is a Member of Parliament for... more »

Abu Ali al-Hasan al-Marrakushi

Abu Ali al-Hassan al-Marrakushi was a Moroccan astronomer and mathematician. He was especially... more »

Abu Bakar Taib

Datuk Abu Bakar Taib is a former Malaysian politician, who represented the seat of Langkawi in... more »

Abu H Imamuddin

Abu H Imamuddin is a architect and conservationist of Bangladesh, where he has designed well... more »

Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury

Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury born in a Bengali family,he is a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India... more »

Abu Jafar ibn Atiyya

Abu Jafar ibn Atiyya was a writer and vizier who served four Almohad sultans. He produced a... more »

Abu l-Hattar al Husam ibn Darar al-Kalbi

Abu l-Hattar al Husam ibn Darar al-Kalbi was Umayyad governor of Al Andalus from May 743 until... more »

Abu Mansour al-Hosein ibn Muhammad al-Marghani

Tha'alibi, from Marghan, in Ghōr Province, Afghanistan, was a Muslim historian. He is known... more »

Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik II

Abu Marwan Abd al-Malik II, also known as Abd el-Malik II was a Sultan of Morocco from 1627 to... more »

Abu Muqri Mohammed al-Battiwi

Abu Muqri Mohammed ibn Ali al-Battiwi was a Moroccan astronomer who wrote a poem on the... more »

Abu Musa Mombasa

Abu Musa Mombasa is a Pakistani member of the Somali militant paramilitary group al-Shabaab who... more »

Abu Raita al-Takriti

Abu Raita al-Takriti, was a 9th-century West Syrian theologian and apologist. more »

Abu Raja Sindhi

Abu Raja Al-Sindiابو راجه السندي:Was the Arabic Scholar of Sindhi origin. He was traditionally... more »

Abu Reyan Al Zarkazi

Abu Reyan Al Zarkazi, also known as Abu Musa, is suspected of being an al-Qaeda operative by the... more »

Abu Sa'id al-Afif

Abu Sa'id al-Afif was a renowned Samaritan physician in fifteenth century Cairo. more »

Abu Sa'id Al-Janadi

Abu Sa'id Al-Mufaddal ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Janadi was an Islamic scholar and muhaddith... more »

Abu Taghlib

Fadl Allah Abu Taghlib al-Ghadanfar ʿUddat al-Dawla, usually known simply by his kunya as Abu... more »

Abu Taur of Huesca

Abu Taur was the Wali of Huesca in 777, who joined Sulayman al-Arabi in offer his submission to... more »

Abu Yahya ibn al-Sakkak

Abu Yahya ibn al-Sakkak al-Miknasi, full name Abu Yahya or Abu Abd Allah Mohammed ibn Abu Galib... more »

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