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Vedder Van Dyck

Vedder Van Dyck was the fifth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont. A graduate of Columbia... more »

Veena Verma

Veena Verma is a UK-based Punjabi short-story writer and poet of East Punjab. more »

Veeranarayana Pandurangi

Veeranarayana N. K. Pandurangi is a Sanskrit scholar from Bangalore, currently based in Jaipur,... more »

Veeraswami Naidu

Veeraswami Naidu was the parent of J. V. Raghavulu. more »

Veijo Vannesluoma

Veijo Erkki Vannesluoma is a retired Finnish pole vaulter. He finished fourteenth at the 1983... more »

Veikko Muronen

Veikko Muronen was a Finnish MSc and heavy vehicle designer. He worked as a manager of the... more »


Vekenega was a Croatian Benedictine nun from the House of Madi. She was the daughter of Čika and... more »


Velaiya Swamigal called as Velaiyar born during seventeenth century, was a Saivaite spiritual... more »

Velasgutto de Ayala

Belasgytto, Vela el Santo or Velasco was the legendary founder of the house of Ayala. He is said... more »

Veli Gërra

Veli Gërra was a leading member of the Albanian independence movement and one of the signatories... more »

Veli Harxhi

Veli Harxhi was one of the signatories of the Albanian Declaration of Independence. more »

Veli Këlcyra

Veli Këlcyra, usually referred as Veli Bey Këlcyra, was an Albanian influential bey and one of... more »

Veli Özdil

Veli Özdil is the father of Yılmaz Özdil. more »

Velichko Minekov

Velichko Minekov is a Bulgarian sculptor, born October 13, 1928 in the village of Malo... more »


Velukandakiya is considered one of the two standard-bearer lay female disciples of the Buddha,... more »

Ven Kirantidiye Pannasekera

Ven Kirantidiye Pannasekera was a pioneer in environmental conservation activism starting from... more »

Venacio Concepción

Venacio Concepción was a former Filipino general under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo... more »

Venancio Antonio Morin

Venancio Antonio Morin was a Venezuelan military man and politician. more »

Venancio Roberto

Venancio Roberto was a resident of Hagåtña, Guam who briefly seized the office of Commissioner... more »

Vendemianus of Bithynia

Vendemianus the Hermit of Bithynia was a monk solitary of the early sixth century. Vendemianus... more »

Vendula Ježková

Vendula Ježková is a Czech stage, film and television actress. more »

Venetia Kapernekas

Venetia Kapernekas, full name: Venetia Kapernekas, is a contemporary art galerist. more »

Veniamin Blazhenny

Veniamin Mikhailovich Blazhenny was Russian Christian poet. His literary pseudonym, "Blazhenny"... more »

Venkat Gaddipati

With more than 20 years experience in technology, Venkat Gaddipati is responsible for technical... more »

Venkat Viswanathan

Venkat Viswanathan is an Indian entrepreneur and business executive. He is the founder and Chief... more »

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