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Varsha Shukla

Varsha Shukla is the child of K.K. Shukla. more »

Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad

Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad é um grupo de dança/comédia localizado em Nova Iorque, que... more »


Vartantu was an Indian sage, who had a big ashrama in Bharuch for education of children in the... more »

Vartkes Mahdessian

Vartkes Mahdessian is a prominent businessman in Nicosia, Cyprus, managing two companies in... more »

Varun Grover

Varun Grover is an American Information systems researcher, who is the William S. Lee... more »

Varun Thapar

Varun Thapar is an Indian entrepreneur and Director of KCT Coal Sales, a company formed after... more »

Vasak of Syunik

Vasak of Syunik was king of Syunik from 409 to 452, and also served as Marzban of Persian... more »

Vasanbhai Ahir

Vasanbhai Ahir is a member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly from Anjar constituency for 13th... more »

Vasant Bhatol

Vasant Bhatol is a Member of Legislative assembly from Danta constituency in Gujarat for its... more »

Vasant Dhar

Vasant Dhar is Head of the Information Systems Group, and Director for the Center on Business... more »

Vasco Cordeiro

Vasco Ilídio Alves Cordeiro is a Portuguese politician, currently serving as President of the... more »

Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, 1st Count of Marialva

Vasco Fernades Coutinho was a distinguished Portuguese nobleman, the 3rd Marshal of Portugal and... more »

Vasco Prado

Vasco Prado was a Brazilian sculptor and engraver. more »


Vasconius was a medieval Galician clergyman. more »


Vashishka was a Kushan emperor around 232-246 AD. more »

Vasile Bahnaru

Vasile Bahnaru is a historian from the Republic of Moldova. more »

Vasile Bătrânac

Vasile Bătrânac was the head of the anti-Soviet group Arcaşii lui Ştefan and a political... more »

Vasile Bizău

Vasile Bizău is a Romanian bishop of the Greek-Catholic Church. He was born in Dragomireşti,... more »

Vasile Odobescu

Vasile Odobescu was a founder and leader of the anti-Soviet organization Democratic Agrarian Party. more »

Vasile Săcară

Vasile Săcară was a Romanian politician, journalist, author, and teacher from Soroca,... more »

Vasile Şoimaru

Vasile Şoimaru is a Moldovan politician. more »

Vasile Sturza

Vasile Sturza was the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to... more »

Vasile Tărâţeanu

Vasile Tărâţeanu is a writer and activist from Ukraine. more »

Vasile Vatamanu

Vasile Vatamanu was a Moldovan politician. more »

Vasilije Calasan

Vasilije Calasan is a former French racing driver. Vasilije Calasan started racing in 1997, when... more »

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