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Vida Brest

Vida Brest was a YugoslavSlovene language poet, writer, journalist and teacher, best known for... more »

Vida Jeraj Hribar

Vida Jeraj Hribar was a Slovenian violinist and music teacher who was named Slovene Woman of the... more »

Vida Mary Katie MacLean

Vida Mary Katie MacLean was a New Zealand civilian and military nurse, hospital matron . She was... more »

Vida Stout

Vida Mary Stout was a New Zealand limnographer and academic administrator. She was the first... more »

Vidadi Isgandarov

Vidadi Isgandarov is an Azerbaijani human rights activist and politician. Isgandarov stood... more »

Vidadi Narimanbekov

Vidadi Yaqub oglu Narimanbekov. Born July 13, 1926, in Caen. Vidadi is famous Azeri painter and... more »

Vidar Theisen

Vidar Leif Theisen was a Norwegian meteorologist, known for his monotone and nasal weather... more »

Vidhya Yadav

Vidhya Yadav is a cricket administrator from India. She was the manager for the India national... more »

Vidmantas Plečkaitis

Vidmantas Plečkaitis is a Lithuanian painter, artist, public figure and politician, former vice... more »

Vidmantas Povilionis

Vidmantas Povilionis is a Lithuanian politician. In 1990 he was among those who signed the Act... more »

Vidya Devi

Vidya Devi was the wife of Mohan Babu. more »

Vidyadhar Gokhale

Vidyadhar S. Gokhale was a political activist, a Marathi playwright, and an editor of a Marathi... more »


Acharya Vidyanandaji is one of the most senior Jain monks. He was a disciple of Acharya... more »

Viet Khang

Võ Minh Trí, pen-name Viet Khang, is a songwriter, singer, and founding member of the Patriotic... more »

Vigdis Holmeset

Vigdis Holmeset is a British handball coach. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she coached the Great... more »

Vigdis Ystad

Vigdis Ystad is a Norwegian literary historian. She was born in Verdal, and was married to... more »

Viggo Hagstrøm

Viggo Hagstrøm was a Norwegian legal scholar, and Professor of Law at the Department of Private... more »

Vigor Majić

Vigor Majić was the Deputy Minister of Education and Sport in the Government of Serbia. more »

Vijay Gupchup

Dr. Vijay N. Gupchup is an educationist, academician, researcher and considered an expert in the... more »

Vijay Inder Singla

Vijay Inder Singla is a young Indian politician. He is a Congress Member of Parliament and... more »

Vijay Kumar Shukla

Vijay Kumar Shukla is a former MLA of Bihar, India. He was elected to Bihar Legislative Assembly... more »

Vijay Pandhare

Vijay Pandhare was a bureaucrat in the Maharashtra, a state in India. He was the Chief Engineer... more »

Vijay Sankeshwar

Vijay Sankeshwar is a politician, publisher and businessman from Gadag, Karnataka. He is the... more »

Vijay Vasant Tambay

Flight Lieutanant Vijay Vasant Tambay was an officer of the Indian Air Force whose aircraft was... more »

Vijaya Lakshmi Emani

Vijaya Lakshmi Emani was an Indian American social activist known for her work against domestic... more »

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