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Viktor Chirkov

Viktor Viktorovich Chirkov is a Russian admiral and the former commander of the Baltic Fleet. On... more »

Viktor Danilov

Viktor Danilov is an abbot of the Greek Catholic parish in Grodno, dean of the Belarusian Greek... more »

Viktor Frayonov

Viktor Pavlovich Frayonov was an outstanding music theorist and teacher. From 1956 to 2002 —... more »

Viktor Gluth

Viktor Gluth was a Bohemian-German composer. He was professor at the Königliche Akademie der... more »

Viktor Golovanov

Lieutenant-General Viktor Vladimirovich Golovanov is a Russian policeman who was the acting... more »

Viktor Gutić

Viktor Gutić was the Ustaše commissioner for Banja Luka and the Grand Prefect of Pokuplje in the... more »

Viktor Kalina

Viktor Kalina is a Belarusian singer in the genre of Russian chanson. He is Medic by education... more »

Viktor Lazić

Viktor Lazić is one of Serbia's most well known modern travel writers. He is also a lawyer,... more »

Viktor Reshetniak

Viktor Reshetnyak is the Mayor of Vyshhorod, Ukraine. more »

Viktor Sonnenfeld

Viktor D. Sonnenfeld was prominent Croatian translator and philosopher. Sonnenfeld was born to a... more »

Viktor Vladimirovich Nemytskii

Viktor Vladimirovich Nemytskii, also written Niemytski, Nemyckiĭ, Niemytzki, Nemytsky, was a... more »

Viktor Žmegač

Viktor Žmegač is a renowned Croatian musicologist and scholar. He authored a number of books,... more »

Viktoria Balzhanova

Viktoria Balzhanova is a Russian compound archer. She is the current World Archery number ten in... more »

Viktoria Kavaliova

Viktoria Kavaliova is a Belarusian ice dancer. With partner Yurii Bieliaiev, she has won two... more »

Viktoria Yartseva

Viktoria Nikolayevna Yartseva was a Russian linguist, director of the Linguistics Institute of... more »

Viktoriya Kravchenko

Viktoriya Kravchenko is a Paralympian athlete from Ukraine competing mainly in category T37... more »

Viktoriya Tigipko

Viktoriya V. Tigipko is a business-lady, public figure and wife of Sergey L. Tigipko. more »

Viktoriya Tokonbayeva

Viktoriya Tokonbayeva is a retired Kazakhstani sprinter who specialized in the 100 metres. She... more »

Vil Mirzayanov

Vil Mirzayanov was a Russian chemist who now lives in the United States. Mirzayanov was employed... more »

Vilém Mrštík

Vilém Mrštík was a Czech writer known for his novel Santa Lucia. With his brother, Alois he also... more »

Vilgelm Knorinsh

Vilgelm Georgyevich Knorinsh was the second First secretary of the Central Committee of the... more »

Viliam Loviska

Viliam Loviska is a famous Slovak sculptor, painter, designer, educator and organiser of the... more »

Viliami Toluta'u

Asipeli Havea "Viliami" Toluta'u is a sculptor and a professor of sculpture at Brigham Young... more »

Viliami Veasi‘i Veikune

Viliami Veasiʻi Veikune, styled Lord Tuʻihaʻateiho is a Tongan noble, politician, and Member of... more »

Viliana Georgieva

Viliana Valentinova Georgieva, better known as Viliana, was a Bulgarian TV show host, commercial... more »

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