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Vishnu Pandya

Vishnu Pandya is a journalist, biographer, poet, novelist, writer, political analyst and... more »

Vishnu Tirtha

Vishnu Tirtha was a scholar of the Dvaita school of Vedanta philosophy and the founder of the... more »

Vishnudev Misra

Vishnudev Misra is the Commissioner of Police of Nashik. He recently started a very popular no... more »


Vishpala is a woman mentioned in the Rigveda. The name is likely from viś "settlement, village"... more »


Vishwanath is the child of Rajeev Nath. more »

Vishwanath Alluri

Vishwanath Alluri produced the 2013 documentary Monk with a camera. more »

Vishwanath N G

Vishwanath N G (born 20 July, 1980 in Bangalore, Karanataka), He started his acting career at... more »

Visiting Gresham Professor

Visiting Professors at Gresham College, Holborn, London, give free educational lectures to the... more »

Vissinto Ayi d'Almeida

Vissinto Ayi d'Almeida is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of... more »

Vít Kremlička

Vít Kremlička is a Czech poet and writer. more »

Vital Balla

Vital Balla is a Congolese politician. In 1972 he was included in the Central Committee member... more »

Vitali Korionov

Vitali G. Korionov was a Deputy Chief of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central... more »

Vitalie Nagacevschi

Vitalie Nagacevschi is a Moldovan politician. more »

Vitalijus Satkevičius

Vitalijus Satkevičius is a Lithuanian politician and the current mayor of Panevėžys since... more »


VitaliV is a British painter and sculptor who has developed an artistic style based on the... more »

Vitaly Krokhin

Vitaly Krokhin is a Russian handball coach for the Russian women's national team. more »

Vitaly Novich

Vitaly Novich, is a Peruvian - Russian singer, who plays with mergers Peruvian themes - Colombia. more »

Vitaly Peskov

Vitaly Viktorovich Peskov was a Russian cartoonist who also worked as an illustrator and an... more »

Vitan Mal

Vitan Mal is a Slovene writer. more »

Viter Juste

Viter Juste was a Haitian-born American community leader, businessman, and activist. Juste... more »


Vithimiris was a king of the Greuthungi, ruling for some unspecified time in the area of... more »

Vitold Shmulyan

Vitold Lvovich Shmulyan, was a Soviet mathematician known for his work in functional analysis... more »

Vítor Gonçalves

Vitor Gonçalves is a Portuguese theatre director. more »

Vittal Rao K

Vittal Rāo K is a Tamil writer who was born at Hosur, a small town in the Krishnagiri district... more »

Vittore Soranzo

Vittore Soranzo was an Italian bishop. Pupil of Pietro Bembo and bishop of Bergamo, he was... more »

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