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David Fordyce

David Fordyce was a Scottish philosopher, a contributor to the Scottish Enlightenment. Fordyce... more »

David Gauthier

David Gauthier is a Canadian-American philosopher best known for his neo-Hobbesian social... more »

David George Ritchie

David George Ritchie was a Scottish philosopher who had a distinguished university career at... more »

David Guest

David Guest was a Communist British mathematician and philosopher who volunteered to fight in... more »

David H. Sanford

David H. Sanford is a professor of philosophy at Duke University. He specializes in perception... more »

David H.M.Brooks

David Havard Macleod Brooks was a South African philosopher and professor of philosophy at the... more »

David Hartley

David Hartley was an English philosopher and founder of the Associationist school of psychology. more »

David Hartman

David Hartman was an American-Israeli leader and philosopher of contemporary Judaism, founder of... more »

David Hawkins

David Hawkins was a professor whose interests included the philosophy of science, mathematics,... more »

David Hume

David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist known especially for... more »

David ibn Merwan al-Mukkamas

David ibn Merwan al-Mukkamas al-Rakki was a philosopher and controversialist, the author of the... more »

David James Jones

David James Jones, was a Welsh philosopher and academic. He should not be confused with David... more »

David Kaplan

David Benjamin Kaplan is an American philosopher and logician teaching at UCLA. His... more »

David Kelley

David Kelley is an American philosopher, author, and advocate of Objectivism, though his... more »

David Koepsell

David R. Koepsell is an American philosopher. He earned his PhD in philosophy as well as his law... more »

David Kolb

David Kolb is an American philosopher and the Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus of Philosophy... more »

David L. Norton

David Lloyd Norton was an American philosopher. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, March 27,... more »

David Lewis

David Kellogg Lewis was an American philosopher. Lewis taught briefly at UCLA and then at... more »

David Loy

David Loy appeared in the Finding Joe documentary film. more »

David M. Rosenthal

David M. Rosenthal is a philosopher at the City University of New York who has made significant... more »

David Malament

David B. Malament is an American philosopher of science, specializing in the philosophy of... more »

David Malet Armstrong

David Malet Armstrong, often D. M. Armstrong, was an Australian philosopher. He is well known... more »

David Manley

David Manley is an American philosopher specializing in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and... more »

David Miller

David W. Miller is a philosopher and prominent exponent of critical rationalism. He taught in... more »

David Miller

David Miller is a British political theorist. He received his BA from the University of... more »

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