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Jerry Spagnoli

Jerry Spagnoli, a photographer since the mid-1970s, is best known for his work with the... more »

Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry N. Uelsmann is an American photographer, and was the forerunner of photomontage in the... more »

Jerry Yulsman

Jerry Yulsman was an American novelist and a photographer best known for his photographs of Jack... more »

Jerzy Kosiński

Jerzy Kosiński, born Józef Lewinkopf, was an award-winning Polish-American novelist and two-time... more »

Jerzy Tomaszewski

Jerzy Tomaszewski, nom de guerre Jur, is a Polish retired World War II photographer, popular... more »

Jesper Gottschalch

Jesper Gottschalch was the husband of Tove Maës. more »

Jesper Høm

Ib Jesper Brieghel Høm was a Danish photographer and film director. After opening his own studio... more »

Jesse Diamond

Jesse Diamond is a photographer. more »

Jesse Frohman

Jesse Frohman is an internationally known photographer who lives and works in New York City. more »

Jesse Kalisher

Jesse Kalisher is an American art photographer. more »

Jessica Emmett

Jessica Emmett is a photographer and conceptual artist. She was born in Hong Kong to a... more »

Jessica Forde

Jessica Forde is an actress. more »

Jessica Lange

Jessica Phyllis Lange is an American actress of Finnish origin. She has worked in film, theater... more »

Jessica Yeh

Jessica Yeh is an Australian violinist and photographer. The daughter of violinist David Yeh and... more »

Jessie Mann

Jessie Mann is an artist, photographer and model. more »

Jessie Tarbox Beals

Jessie Tarbox Beals was an American photographer and the first published female photojournalist... more »

Jesús Inostroza

Jesús Inostroza Toro is a Chilean photographer born on 25 December 1956 in Santiago, Chile. He... more »

Jet Lowe

John T. "Jet" Lowe is an American photographer. He is one of the photographers employed by the... more »

Jewel Shepard

Jewel Shepard is an American writer, photographer and actress, best known for her roles in... more »

Jez Smith

Jez Smith is a British fashion and beauty photographer, best known as a judge on Australia's... more »

Jiang Wenhao

Jiang Wenhao was a PLAAF pilot who defected to Taiwan. Jiang the first Chinese pilot who... more »

Jiichirō Yasukōchi

Jiichirō Yasukōchi was a renowned Japanese photographer. more »

Jill Culiner

Jill Culiner is a Canadian folk artist, photographer and writer. Culiner speaks English, French,... more »

Jill Enfield

Jill Enfield is a photographer and hand coloring artist best known for her work in alternative... more »

Jill Freedman

Jill Freedman is a photographer and author. more »

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