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Jenn McIntyre

Jenn McIntyre is a Juno Award nominated art director, graphic designer, illustrator and... more »

Jennie Franks

Jennie Franks is an English photographer, actress, and playwright. She was the first wife of... more »

Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals is an American actress and a former teen model. She played the role of Alexandra... more »

Jennifer Jako

Jennifer Jako is an AIDS activist, filmmaker, photographer, lecturer and designer. She is the... more »

Jennifer Lyon

Jennifer "Jenn" Jane Lyon was one of the competitors in Survivor: Palau. She finished fourth in... more »

Jennifer Morden

Jennifer Morden is a film art director, production designer, photographer and set decorator. more »

Jennifer Rovero

Jennifer Rovero is Playboy's Playmate of the Month for July 1999 and has appeared in numerous... more »

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young is an American film producer and photographer. more »

Jennifer Youngblood

Jennifer Youngblood is a photographer. more »

Jens Assur

Jens Assur is a Swedish photographer, director, scriptwriter, and film producer. His movie,... more »

Jens Molander

Jens Molander is a magician, clown, musician, cinematographer and photographer. more »

Jens Olof Lasthein

Jens Olof Lasthein is a Swedish freelance photographer. His widely exhibited work principally... more »

Jeppe Wikström

Jeppe Olof Wikström, born April 10, 1963, is a Swedish book publisher and one of the country’s... more »

Jeremiah Gurney

Jeremiah Gurney, was an American daguerreotype photographer operating in New York. more »

Jeremy Curl

Jeremy Robert Patrick Curl, FRGS is an Anglo-Irish explorer, writer, filmmaker and photographer. more »

Jeremy Deputat

Jeremy “JD” Deputat, is an American photographer and art director from Detroit, Michigan. The... more »

Jeremy Lucido

Jeremy Joseph Lucido is an American artist, blogger, photographer, zine editor and film director... more »

Jerilyn Lee Brandelius

Jerilyn Lee Brandelius was born June 25, 1948 in La Jolla, California to homemaker Dorothy Anne... more »

Jerome Delay

Jerome Delay is a photographer. more »

Jerome Liebling

Jerome Liebling was an American photographer, filmmaker, and teacher. Liebling left his studies... more »

Jerome Sarapocciello

Jerome Sarapocciello is an artist and photographer. more »

Jérôme Signori

Jérôme Signori is a film production designer. more »

Jerry Avenaim

Jerry Avenaim is an American photographer best known for his fashion and celebrity images. more »

Jerry Interval

Jerry Interval, was an American portrait photographer and educator known for his expert studio... more »

Jerry Schatzberg

Jerry Schatzberg is a photographer and film director. more »

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