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James Hall

James Baker Hall was an American poet, novelist, photographer and teacher. more »

James Hill

James Hill is a photographer. more »

James Houston

James Houston is a film director and a photographer. more »

James Jarché

James 'Jimmy' Jarché was a Fleet Street photographer notable for the first pictures of Edward... more »

James Joseph Griffin

James Joseph Griffin is a football player and fashion photographer. more »

James Kenny

James Kenny is a professional photographer based in the United Kingdom, best known for his... more »

James L. Davis

James L. Davis is a photographer. more »

James Lemmo

James Lemmo is an American Photographer, film director, director of photography, and... more »

James Lott III

James Lott III is a photographer. more »

James Michin III

James Michin III is a Juno Award nominated photographer. more »

James Mogul

James Mogul is an adult film director, BDSM educator and photographer. more »

James Moy

James Moy is a British award-winning photographer, specialising in motorsport and motor racing,... more »

James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is an American photojournalist and war photographer. He grew up in Massachusetts... more »

James O'Mara

James O'Mara is a 1989 Juno Award nominated music video director. more »

James P. Blair

James P. Blair is an American photographer. His work has been published in National Geographic... more »

James Patterson

James Patterson is a photographer. more »

James Pattyn

James Pattyn is a photographer. more »

James Presley Ball

James Presley Ball, Sr. was a prominent African-American photographer, abolitionist, and... more »

James Rae

James Rae is an actor, writer and photographer. more »

James Ravilious

James Ravilious, was an English photographer. more »

James Ricalton

James Ricalton was a school teacher, traveler, inventor, and photographer. Ricalton travelled... more »

James Roark

James Barnas, aka James Roark, was a Pulitzer Prize nominated photographer and photo editor for... more »

James Robertson

James Robertson was an English photographer and gem and coin engraver who worked in the... more »

James Sibley Watson

Dr. James Sibley Watson, Jr. was an American medical doctor, philanthropist, publisher, editor,... more »

James Sidney

James Sidney is an author, photographer and filmmaker born in Australia in but was raised in... more »

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