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James Spada

James Spada is a writer. more »

James Valentine

James Valentine was a Scottish photographer. Valentine's of Dundee produced Scottish... more »

James Van Der Zee

James Van Der Zee was an African-American photographer best known for his portraits of black New... more »

James Wallace Black

James Wallace Black, known professionally as J.W. Black, was an early American photographer... more »

James Whitlow Delano

James Whitlow Delano is an American reportage photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has... more »

Jamie Livingston

Jamie Livingston was a New York-based photographer, film-maker and circus performer. Between... more »

Jamie Lumley

Jamie Lumley is a photographer. more »

Jamie-James Medina

Jamie-James Medina is a photographer, filmmaker and record label founder, living and working in... more »

Jan Banning

Jan Banning is a Dutch photographer and artist. Banning was born in the Netherlands from... more »

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets, is a Dutch conceptual artist. In 1994, he was commissioned by the Arago Association... more »

Jan Grarup

Jan Grarup is a Danish photojournalist who has worked both as a staff photographer and as a... more »

Jan Groover

Jan Groover was an American photographer who spent the last part of her life in... more »

Jan Kudela

Jan Kudela is a Czech still photographer and a producer. more »

Jan Saudek

Jan Saudek is a Czech art photographer and painter. more »

Jan von Holleben

Jan von Holleben is a German photographer. more »

Jan Yoors

Jan Yoors was a Flemish-American artist, photographer, painter, sculptor, writer, filmmaker, and... more »

Jana Boková

Jana Boková is a Czech film director. Boková was born in Prague, but left Czechoslovakia in... more »

Jane Bown

Jane Bown is a British photographer who has worked for The Observer newspaper since 1949. Her... more »

Jane Burton

Jane Burton is an Australian photographer who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Burton's... more »

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Jane Eaton Hamilton is a Canadian short story writer, visual artist, poet and photographer. more »

Jane Elizabeth Novis

Jane Elizabeth Novis is the mother of actress Helen Hunt. more »

Jane Evelyn Atwood

Jane Evelyn Atwood is an American photographer living in Paris since 1971. more »

Jane Fulton Alt

Jane Fulton Alt is an American photographer who explores issues of love, loss, and spirituality... more »

Janet Kimber

Janet Kimber is a Juno Award nominated photographer. more »

Janet Parker

Janet Parker was a British medical photographer who became the last person to die from smallpox... more »

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