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Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton PRS MP was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely regarded as one... more »

Isaak Kikoin

Isaak Konstantinovich Kikoin was a leading Soviet physicist and academician of the Academy of... more »

Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov

Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov is a Soviet physicist, well known for his role in developing the BKL... more »

Isaak Pomeranchuk

Isaak Yakovlevich Pomeranchuk was a Soviet physicist, who was the founder and first head of the... more »

Ishfaq Ahmad

Ishfaq Ahmad, is a Pakistani nuclear scientist, emeritus professor of high-energy physics at the... more »

Ishrat Hussain Usmani

Ishrat Hussain Usmani, DPhil, NI, best known as Dr. I. H. Usmani, was a Pakistani bureaucrat and... more »

Isidor Isaac Rabi

Isidor Isaac Rabi was a Polish-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, recognized in 1944... more »

Isidor Sauers

Isidor Sauers is an Austrian-born American who is a physicist at the Oak Ridge National... more »

Isidore of Miletus

Isidore of Miletus was one of the two main Byzantine Greek architects that Emperor Justinian I... more »

Ismail Akbay

Ismail Akbay was the first Turk who worked for NASA. He was born in Mudanya near Bursa, Turkey... more »

Israr Ahmad

Israr Ahmad was an Indian theoretical nuclear physicist and professor at Aligarh Muslim... more »

Itzhak Bars

Itzhak Bars is a theoretical physicist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles... more »

Ivan A. Getting

Ivan Alexander Getting was an American physicist and electrical engineer, credited with the... more »

Ivan K. Schuller

Ivan K. Schuller is an American condensed matter experimental physicist. He is best known for... more »

Ivan Pulyui

Ivan Pavlovich Pulyui was a Ukrainian-born physicist, inventor and patriot who has been... more »

Ivan Supek

Ivan Supek was a Croatian physicist, philosopher, writer, playwright, peace activist and humanist. more »

Ivar Giaever

Ivar Giaever is a physicist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 with Leo Esaki and... more »

Izuo Hayashi

Izuo Hayashi was a Japanese physicist. Hayashi was born in Tokyo in 1922 and graduated from the... more »

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