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Aysel Tuğluk

Aysel Tuğluk is a pro-Kurdish Zaza politician of the former Democratic Society Party in Turkey... more »

Aytaç Durak

Aytaç Durak is a Turkish politician, and has been the mayor of Adana since 1984, excluding one... more »

Ayub Khan

Muhammad Ayub Khan was a five-star general officer and statesman, serving as the second... more »

Azad Rahimov

Azad Arif oglu Rahimov is an Azerbaijani politician who serves as the Minister of Youth and... more »

Azali Assoumani

Azali Assoumani was a president of the Comoros. He became leader of the country on 30 April 1999... more »

Azalina Othman

Dato' Seri Azalina binti Othman Said was the Tourism Minister in the previous Cabinet of... more »

Azaly Ben Marofo

Azaly Ben Marofo is a former Malagasy foreign minister. In February 2002, when President Marc... more »

Azam Khan

Mohammad Azam Khan محمّد اعظم خان is a politician in India. He has served as the cabinet... more »

Azam Taleghani

Azam Taleghani is an Iranian politician and journalist, born in 1944, is the head of the Society... more »

Azariah Boody

Azariah Boody was an American politician and a member of the United States House of... more »

Azarias Ruberwa

Azarias Ruberwa Manywa was one of four vice-presidents in the transitional government of the... more »

Azat Mashurov

Azat Mashurovich Mashurov was a prominent public figure in Kazakhstan's Uyghur community. He... more »

Azeb Mesfin

Azeb Mesfin is the widow of former Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. She is the founder... more »

Azeem Ahmed Tariq

Azeem Ahmed Tariq was the Chairman of the MQM. The party was formed to fight for the rights of... more »

Azel Randolph Lusby

Azel Randolph Lusby was a Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was born in... more »

Azellus Denis

Azellus Denis, PC, QC was a Canadian politician who served in the Parliament of Canada as a... more »

Azem Hajdari

Azem Shpend Hajdari was the leader of the student movement in 1990–1991 that led to the fall of... more »

Azem Vllasi

Azem Vllasi is a senior Kosovo Albanian politician and lawyer. more »

Azer Amiraslanov

Azer Kamal oglu Amiraslanov – The chief of Department for agrarian policy issues of... more »

Azevedo Gomes

Naval and Overseas Minister ( Ministro da Marinha e do Ultramar) immediately after the fall of... more »

Azhikodan Raghavan

Azhikodan Raghavan was a leader of Communist Party of India /CPI. He was born on July 1, 1919 at... more »

Azim Hussein

Azim Hussein is a Fiji Indian educationaist and politician who won the Nasinu Rewa Open... more »

Azim Isabekov

Azim Beishembayevich Isabekov born 4 April 1960 served as the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan from... more »

Azim Khan

Azim Khan was an ethnic Pashtun and the governor of Kashmir during the period 1810-1816. Prior... more »

Azimi Daim

Azimi Daim is a Malaysian politician and Information Chief of the Youth wing of the United... more »

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