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Steve Wozniak

Stephen Gary "Steve" Wozniak, known as "Woz", is an American inventor, electronics engineer, and... more »

Steven McGeady

Steven McGeady is a former Intel executive best known as a witness in the Microsoft antitrust... more »

Steven Snyder

Steven Snyder is a notable figure in high technology management. He was an early employee of... more »

Stu Megan

Stu , took a break from his retirement, and as a consultant, helped with the Quality Assurance... more »

Stu Moment

Stu Moment is a software developer and pilot. Along with Bruce Artwick, he created the subLOGIC... more »

Stuart Langridge

Stuart Langridge is the author of two books for technical publisher SitePoint, DHTML Utopia, and... more »

Stuart Parmenter

Stuart Parmenter is a programmer. more »

Sulaiman Merchant

Sulaiman Merchant is a musical artist and film score composer. more »

Suril Shah

Suril Rakesh Shah born February 29, 1992, Ahmedabad, India, is notable for having cleared many... more »


SYED AAMIR SAEED was born on 19-08-1991 in the city named Mardan. more »

Sylvia Juncosa

Sylvia Juncosa is an American punk and metal guitarist, singer, songwriter and keyboardist from... more »

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