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Andre Geim

Sir Andre Konstantin Geim, FRS is a Russian-born Dutch-British physicist working at the... more »

André Guinier

André Guinier was a French physicist who did important work in the field of X-ray diffraction... more »

André Michel Lwoff

André Michel Lwoff was a French microbiologist. more »

André Pichot

André Pichot is a researcher in Epistemology and History of Science, based at CNRS in... more »

André Trouet

André Trouet is a Belgian scientist, and professor emeritus of the Universite Catholique de... more »

Andrei Broder

Andrei Zary Broder is a Distinguished Scientist at Google. Previously he was a Research Fellow... more »

Andrei Sakharov

Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov was a Russian nuclear physicist, Soviet dissident and human rights... more »

Andrej Kmeť

Andrej Kmeť was a Slovak botanist, ethnographer, archaeologist, and geologist. He identified... more »

Andrés Manuel del Río

Andrés Manuel del Río Fernández was a Spanish–Mexican scientist and naturalist who discovered... more »

Andrew B. Newberg

Andrew Newberg, M.D. is an American neuroscientist who is the Director of Research at the Myrna... more »

Andrew Crosse

Andrew Crosse was a British amateur scientist who was born and died at Fyne Court, Broomfield,... more »

Andrew H. Bobeck

Andrew H. Bobeck is a noted Bell Labs researcher best known for his invention of bubble... more »

Andrew J. Weaver

Dr. Andrew J. Weaver is a climate scientist, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of British... more »

Andrew Keller

Andrew Keller FRS was a British polymer scientist. He was Research Professor in Polymer Science,... more »

Andrew Odlyzko

Andrew Michael Odlyzko is a mathematician and a former head of the University of Minnesota's... more »

Andrew Tompkins

Andrew Tompkins is the lead vocalist and bassist for the Australian doom metal band Paramaecium,... more »

Andrey Markov

Andrey Andreyevich Markov was a Russian mathematician. He is best known for his work on... more »

Andrey Nartov

Andrey Konstantinovich Nartov was a Russian scientist, military engineer, inventor and sculptor... more »

Andrija Mohorovičić

Andrija Mohorovičić was a Croatian meteorologist and seismologist. He is best known for the... more »

Ángel Cabrera

Ángel Cabrera was a Spanish zoologist. Cabrera was born in Madrid and studied at the city's... more »

Angel Penchev

Angel Penchev is a Bulgarian neurologist who worked in the Sofia Faculty of Medicine. He fled... more »

Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician and former research scientist who has been the... more »

Angelo Nativo

Angelo Nativo is the father of Laura Nativo. more »

Anil Bhardwaj

Anil Bhardwaj is the Director of the Space Physics Laboratory, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre,... more »

Anil Kakodkar

Anil Kakodkar is an Indian nuclear scientist and mechanical engineer. He was the chairman of the... more »

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