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Georgy Adelson-Velsky

Georgy Maximovich Adelson-Velsky, is a Soviet and Israeli mathematician and computer... more »

Georgy Golitsyn

Georgy Sergeyevich Golitsyn is a prominent Russian scientist in the field of Atmospheric... more »

Georgy Langemak

Georgy Erikhovich Langemak was a Soviet rocket designer of German/Swiss background. Beginning in... more »

Gerald Ash

Gerald R. Ash is a retired electrical engineer who worked at Bell Labs. His research has focused... more »

Gerald Bull

Gerald Vincent Bull was a Canadian engineer who developed long-range artillery. He moved from... more »

Gerald Estrin

Professor Gerald Estrin was an IEEE Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a member of the Board of... more »

Gerald Schatten

Gerald Schatten is an American stem cell researcher with interests in cell, developmental, and... more »

Gerald Schroeder

Gerald Lawrence Schroeder is an Orthodox Jewish physicist, author, lecturer and teacher at... more »

Gérard Brachet

Gérard Brachet is a French space scientist. more »

Gerard de Jode

Gerard de Jode was a cartographer, engraver and publisher who lived and worked in Antwerp during... more »

Gerard de Zeeuw

Gerard de Zeeuw is a Dutch scientist and professor Mathematical modelling of complex social... more »

Gérard Garitte

Gérard Garitte was a Belgian scientist at the Catholic University of Leuven and historian. He... more »

Gerard J. Foschini

Gerard Joseph Foschini, is an American telecommunications engineer who has worked for Bell... more »

Gerard J. Holzmann

Gerard J. Holzmann is an Dutch-born American computer scientist and researcher at Bell Labs and... more »

Gerard Krefft

Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft, one of Australia's first and greatest zoologists and... more »

Gerardus Mercator

Gerardus Mercator was a cartographer, philosopher and mathematician. He is best known for his... more »

Gergely Berzeviczy

Gergely Berzeviczy berzeviczei és kakaslomniczi was an important political economist in the... more »

Gerhard Armauer Hansen

Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen was a Norwegian physician, remembered for his identification of... more »

Gerhard Domagk

Gerhard Johannes Paul Domagk was a German pathologist and bacteriologist credited with the... more »

Gerhard Ertl

Gerhard Ertl is a German physicist and a Professor emeritus at the Department of Physical... more »

Gerhard M. Sessler

Gerhard M. Sessler is a German inventor and scientist. Sessler invented together with James E... more »

Gerhard Schwehm

Gerhard Schwehm is Head of Solar System Science Operations Division for the European Space... more »

Gerhard Vollmer

Gerhard Vollmer is a German physicist and philosopher. He is perhaps best known for his... more »

Germinal Pierre Dandelin

Germinal Pierre Dandelin was a mathematician, soldier, and professor of engineering. He was born... more »

Gerrit Broekstra

Gerrit Broekstra, is a Dutch scientist and professor in the field of organization behavior and... more »

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