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Gerrit Jan van Ingen Schenau

Gerrit Jan van Ingen Schenau was a Dutch biomechanist. He made large contributions to the field... more »

Gerrit Verschuur

Gerrit L. Verschuur, PhD, born in 1937 in Cape Town, South Africa, is a naturalized American... more »

Gersh Budker

Gersh Itskovich Budker, also named Andrey Mikhailovich Budker, was a Soviet physicist,... more »

Gerta Keller

Gerta Keller is a paleontologist who contests the Alvarez hypothesis that the Chicxulub caused... more »

Gertrude B. Elion

Gertrude Belle Elion was an American biochemist and pharmacologist, and a 1988 recipient of the... more »

Gerty Cori

Gerty Theresa Cori was an American biochemist who became the third woman—and first American... more »

Géry van Outryve d'Ydewalle

Géry van Outryve d'Ydewalle is a Belgian scientist and professor of the Laboratory for... more »

Géza Vermes

Géza Vermes or Vermès was a British scholar of Jewish Hungarian origin—one who also served as a... more »

Ghanim Al-Jumaily

Ghanim Alwan Al-Jumaily is the ambassador of Iraq to Saudi Arabia, appointed by the interim... more »

Ghassan Afiouni

Ghassan Afiouni is a scientist who was born in Tripoli, a town in Lebanon located on the coast... more »

Gheorghe Marinescu

Gheorghe Marinescu was a Romanian neurologist, founder of the Romanian School of Neurology. more »

Gheorghe Munteanu-Murgoci

Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci was a renowned Romanian geologist, founder of the South-Eastern... more »

Gherman Titov

Gherman Stepanovich Titov was a Soviet cosmonaut who, on 6 August 1961, became the second human... more »

Gholam-Reza Pourmand

Gholam Reza Pourmand is a notable Iranian urologist and medical scientist. He is currently a... more »

Giacopo Belgrado

Giacopo Belgrado, Italian Jesuit and natural philosopher. Giacopo belonged to a noble family and... more »

Giambattista della Porta

Giambattista della Porta, also known as Giovanni Battista Della Porta and John Baptist Porta,... more »

Gil Martins Felippe

Gil Martins Felippe, is a Brazilian scientist and writer. He is known as Gil Felippe in his most... more »

Gilbert Percy Whitley

Gilbert Percy Whitley was a British-born Australian ichthyologist and malacologist who was... more »

Gilbert Stork

Gilbert Stork is a U.S. organic chemist. He is the Eugene Higgins Professor of Chemistry... more »

Gilbert Vassart

Gilbert Vassart, MD, PhD, is a Belgian scientist and professor at the Universite Libre de... more »

Gilbert Vernam

Gilbert Sandford Vernam was an AT&T Bell Labs engineer who, in 1917, invented an additive... more »

Gilles Cloutier

Gilles George Cloutier, CC OQ FRSC is a Canadian physicist and former director of the Alberta... more »

Giovanni Antonelli

Giovanni Antonelli was an Italian scientist, astronomer and engineer. Antonelli was born in... more »

Giovanni Battista Audiffredi

Giovanni Battista Audiffredi was an Italian Dominican scholar and scientist. more »

Giovanni Battista Brocchi

Giovanni Battista Brocchi was an Italian naturalist, mineralogist and geologist. He was born in... more »

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