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Karl Gotthard Lamprecht

Karl Gotthard Lamprecht was a German historian who specialized in German art and economic history. more »

Karl Gustav Jöreskog

Karl Gustav Jöreskog is a Swedish statistician. Jöreskog is a Professor Emeritus at Uppsala... more »

Karl Heim

Karl Heim was a professor of dogmatics at Münster and Tübingen. He retired in 1939. His idea of... more »

Karl Heinrich Rau

Karl Heinrich Rau was a German political economist. more »

Karl Heinz Bremer

Karl Heinz Bremer was a German historian who died during the Second World War. He had taught... more »

Karl Immanuel Nitzsch

Karl Immanuel Nitzsch, was a German Lutheran church leader. He was born at the small Saxon town... more »

Karl J. Friston

Karl John Friston FRS, FMedSci, FSB, is a British neuroscientist and authority on brain imaging. more »

Karl Joseph Eberth

Karl Joseph Eberth was a German pathologist and bacteriologist who was a native of Würzburg. In... more »

Karl Kehrle

Karl Kehrle was a Benedictine monk, beekeeper, and an authority on bee breeding, developer of... more »

Karl Kordesch

Karl Kordesch was an Austrian chemist and inventor, most notable for jointly inventing the... more »

Karl Kořistka

Karl Kořistka was a Czech geographer and technologist. more »

Karl Küpfmüller

Karl Küpfmüller was a German electrical engineer, who was prolific in the areas of... more »

Karl Lachmann

Karl Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm Lachmann was a German philologist and critic. He was born in... more »

Karl Lehmann

Karl Lehmann is a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Mainz and former Chairman of the... more »

Karl Ludwig Ernst Schroeder

Karl Ludwig Ernst Friedrich Schroeder was a German gynecologist . He studied medicine at the... more »

Karl Rathgen

Karl Rathgen was a German Economist. He was the first Chancellor of the University of... more »

Karl Richard Lepsius

Karl Richard Lepsius was a pioneering Prussian Egyptologist and linguist and pioneer of modern... more »

Karl Rudolphi

Karl Asmund Rudolphi was a Swedish-born naturalist, who is credited with being the "father of... more »

Karl Salomo Zachariae von Lingenthal

Karl Salomo Zachariae von Lingenthal, German jurist, was born at Meissen in Saxony, the son of a... more »

Karl Schügerl

Karl Schügerl completed his chemical engineering studies at the University of Budapest in 1949... more »

Karl Sudhoff

Karl Sudhoff was a German historian of medicine, important in establishing that field as a... more »

Karl Ullmann

Karl Christian Ullmann was a German Calvinist theologian from the Electoral Palatinate. more »

Karl Vollers

Karl Vollers was a German Orientalist. Vollers went to school in Hildesheim and Jever where he... more »

Karl von Bardeleben

Karl von Bardeleben was a German anatomist born in Giessen. He was the son of surgeon Heinrich... more »

Karl von Frisch

Karl Ritter von Frisch, ForMemRS was an Austrian ethologist who received the Nobel Prize in... more »

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