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Kazem Behbehani

Kazem Behbehani is a Kuwaiti immunologist and retired professor. He has done research on... more »

Kazuhiko Nishijima

Kazuhiko Nishijima was a Japanese physicist who made significant contributions to particle... more »

Kazutaka Kogi

Kazutaka Kogi is a Japanese academic known for his contributions to simple, low-cost... more »

Kees van der Pijl

Kees van der Pijl is a Dutch political scientist who is emeritus professor of international... more »

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki was a Japanese-American professor of Geophysics at the Massachusetts Institute of... more »

Keiji Kikkawa

Keiji Kikkawa is a Japanese theoretical physicist. Kikkawa received his bachelor's degree from... more »

Keith Clark

Keith Leonard Clark is a Professor of Computer Science at Imperial College London, England. He... more »

Keith G Fife

During his undergraduate years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Keith won the robot... more »

Keith Gull

Professor Keith Gull CBE, FRS is a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow and Professor of... more »

Keith Hodgson

Keith O. Hodgson is a Professor of Chemistry at Stanford university and the Stanford Synchrotron... more »

Keith Krause

Keith Krause is a Canadian political scientist known for his work on international security and... more »

Keith Millis

Keith Dwight Millis was an American metallurgical engineer and inventor of ductile iron. Keith... more »

Keith R. Thompson

Keith Thompson is a professor at Dalhousie University with a joint appointment in the Department... more »

Keith Rayner

Keith Rayner is a Cognitive Psychologist best known for pioneering modern eye-tracking... more »

Keith Runcorn

‬ Stanley Keith Runcorn FRS was a British physicist whose paleomagnetic reconstruction of the... more »

Kelley M. Skeff

Kelley Michael Skeff is the George DeForest Barnett Professor in Medicine at Stanford University more »

Kelli Montgomery

Kelli Montgomery was a researcher in the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, Stanford... more »

Kelsey Harrison

Kelsey Atangamuerimo Harrison is an emeritus professor of obstetrics and gynaecology and former... more »

Kelsie B. Harder

Kelsie Brown Harder was an American professor and onomastician. more »

Kenji Hakuta

Kenji Hakuta is the Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education and Professor, by courtesy, of... more »

Kenneth B. Davis

Kenneth B. Davis, Jr. is Dean of the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison, Wisconsin... more »

Kenneth B. Storey

Kenneth B. Storey, FRSC is a Canadian scientist whose work draws from a variety of fields... more »

Kenneth Brinkhous

Kenneth Merle Brinkhous was a professor and chairperson in the Department of Pathology and... more »

Kenneth C. Catania

Kenneth C. Catania is a biologist and neuroscientist working at Vanderbilt University in... more »

Kenneth D. West

Kenneth David West is the John D. MacArthur and Ragnar Frisch Professor of Economics in the... more »

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