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Klaus Blaum

Klaus Blaum is a German physicist and director at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics... more »

Klaus Dittrich

Klaus R. Dittrich was a German computer scientist. more »

Klaus Kern

Klaus Kern is a German solid state chemist. Kern studied at the University of Bonn chemistry and... more »

Klaus Koch

Klaus Koch is an Old Testament Scholar with major contribution to the growth of Biblical... more »

Klaus Mehnert

Klaus Mehnert was a globetrotting German political scientist and a journalist. As a scholar, he... more »

Klaus Rohde

Klaus Rohde is a German biologist at the University of New England, Australia, known... more »

Klaus Samelson

Klaus Samelson was a German mathematician, physicist, and computer pioneer in the area of... more »

Klaus Schmiegel

Klaus Schmiegel is most famous for his work in organic chemistry, which led to the invention of... more »

Klaus Theweleit

Klaus Theweleit is a German sociologist and writer. more »

Klaus Vogel

Klaus Vogel, born in Hamburg, Germany, was widely recognized as an academic expert on the... more »

Klaus von Beyme

Klaus Gustav Heinrich von Beyme is Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the Faculty of... more »

Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

Klaus-Jürgen Bathe is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of... more »

Knut Helle

Knut Helle is a Norwegian historian. A professor at the University of Bergen from 1973 to 2000,... more »

Knut S. Heier

Knut Sigurdsøn Heier was a Norwegian geochemist. He was a professor at the University of Oslo... more »

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen was a prominent figure in the field of comparative physiology and Professor... more »


Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo Prof. Dr. Koentjaraningrat was an Indonesian anthropologist. He is... more »

Koichi Tanaka

Koichi Tanaka is a Japanese engineer who shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002 for... more »

Konrad Heresbach

Konrad Heresbach was a Rhenish Reformer, Calvinist, humanist and educator. more »

Konrad Karczewski

Konrad Karczewski is a Ph.D. Student in Interdepartmental Program, Biomedical Informatics at... more »

Konrad Lorenz

Konrad Zacharias Lorenz was an Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist. He shared the... more »

Konrad Mannert

Konrad Mannert was a Prussian historian and geographer. Mannert was born in Altdorf bei... more »

Konrad Nielsen

Konrad Hartvig Isak Rosenvinge Nielsen was a Norwegian philologist. He spent most of his career... more »

Konstance Knox

Konstance K. Knox is an American virologist and entrepreneur who founded Viracor, the Wisconsin... more »

Konstantin Alekseevich Satunin

Konstantin Alekseevich Satunin was a Russian zoologist who studied and described many mammals... more »

Konstantin Efetov

Konstantin Alexandrovich Efetov is a biologist and biochemist, the Honored Scientist of Ukraine,... more »

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