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Kevin L.G. Parkin

Kevin L.G. Parkin is a British scientist employed at NASA, who is best known for his study of... more »

Kevin Nam Truong

Kevin Nam Truong is a student at Stanford University. more »

Kevin R. Stone

Kevin Robert Stone, M.D. is a physician, orthopedic surgeon, clinician, researcher, and company... more »

Kevin Tuite

Kevin Tuite is a full Professor of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal. Born in South... more »

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick is a British scientist and professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading... more »

Khaesha Hall

Khaesha Hall is a research assistant at Stanford University. more »

Khaled Salama

Khaled Salama was a graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. more »

Khalid El-Awady

Khalid El-Awady received his doctorate from Stanford University. more »

Khalid Saeed Khan

Khalid Saeed Khan, born March 5, 1954, is the Principal of the College of Physiotherapy in the... more »

Khalida Ghous

Khalida Ghous or Khalida Ghaus is an eminent scholar of International Relations & Human Rights... more »

Khem Shahani

Khem Shahani was a microbiologist who conducted pioneer research on probiotics. more »

Kim Jihn-eui

Kim Jihn-eui is a South Korean theoretical physicist. His research interests concentrate on... more »

Kim Vicente

Kim Vicente is a professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of... more »

Kin-Yip Chun

Kin-Yip Chun is a geophysicist at the University of Toronto's Department of Physics. He gained... more »

Kiril Bratanov

Kiril Tsochev Bratanov was a prominent Bulgarian biologist and pioneer in the area of immunology... more »

Kirill Gurov

Kirill Gurov was a Soviet Russian theoretical physicist working in the field of physical... more »

Kirill Ivanovich Shchelkin

Kirill Ivanovich Shchelkin was a Russian scientist involved in the development of Soviet nuclear... more »

Kirsopp Lake

Kirsopp Lake was a New Testament scholar and Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard... more »

Kit Vaughan

Christopher L. ‘Kit’ Vaughan, DSc, is Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the... more »

Kitty Poon

Dr. Kitty Poon Kit is a Hong Kong politician. She was one of the undersecretaries appointed by... more »

Kiyokazu Washida

Kiyokazu Washida is a Japanese philosopher, specializing in clinical philosophy and ethics. He... more »

Kiyoo Mogi

Dr Kiyoo Mogi is a prominent seismologist. He is regarded as Japan's foremost authority on... more »

Kjell Magne Yri

Kjell Magne Yri is a Norwegian priest, linguist and translator. He hails from Hareid. He was... more »

Klaas de Groot

Klaas de Groot is Emeritus Professor at the Tissue Engineering Group at the University of... more »

Klaus Biemann

Klaus Biemann is a Professor Emeritus of chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology... more »

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