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Karl von Vierordt

Karl von Vierordt was a German physician. He studied at the universities of Berlin, Göttingen,... more »

Karl Weltzien

Karl Weltzien was a German scientist who was Professor of Chemistry at the Technische Hochschule... more »

Karl Wilhelm Ideler

Karl Wilhelm Ideler was a German psychiatrist. He was born in Bentwisch and died in Kumlosen... more »

Karl Wilhelm Leopold Krug

Karl Wilhelm Leopold Krug was a German businessman, naturalist, ethnographer, diplomat and... more »

Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Bruch

Karl Wilhelm Ludwig Bruch was a German anatomist born in Mainz. In 1842 he earned his medical... more »

Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer

Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer was a Baltic German anatomist who discovered stellate macrophage cells... more »

Karl Willy Wagner

Karl Willy Wagner was a German pioneer in the theory of electronic filters. He is noted by... more »

Karl-Ludwig Kratz

Karl-Ludwig Kratz is a German nuclear chemist and astrophysicist. He is professor for nuclear... more »

Karl-Otto Kiepenheuer

Karl-Otto Kiepenheuer was a German astronomer and astrophysicist. His research focused on the... more »

Károly Kalchbrenner

Károly Kalchbrenner was a Hungarian mycologist. He trained in theology early in life and became... more »

Károly Schaffer

Károly Schaffer was a Hungarian anatomist and neurologist. He was born in Vienna. The axon... more »

Karthik Narasimha

Karthik Narasimha is a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Kasson S. Gibson

Kasson S. Gibson was president of the Optical Society of America from 1939-40. more »

Katarzyna Jaszczolt

Katarzyna Jaszczolt, D.Phil., PhD, is Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy of Language at the... more »

Katayoun Falakshahi

Katya Falakshahi is a consultant in the San Francisco Bay area. She received her PhD in... more »

Kate Lorig

Dr. Kate Lorig, R.N., Dr.P.H., is an American registered nurse and professor at the Stanford... more »

Katelijn Vleugels

Katelijn Vleugels is Consulting Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford... more »

Katerina Ioakeimidi

Katerina is the Founder and CTO of Neophos Medical Inc., a startup company that provides... more »

Katherine M. Kuhns

Katherine M. Kuhns was Director of the FSI Initiative on Distance Learning at Stanford University. more »

Katherine Oliver

Katherine Oliver is an American media and entertainment executive based in New York City. On... more »

Kathleen Butler-Hopkins

Kathleen Butler-Hopkins is an American violinist and Professor of Violin, Viola, and Chamber... more »

Kathleen Marie Eisenhardt

Kathleen M Eisenhardt is the Stanford W. Ascherman, M.D. Professor in the School of Engineering... more »

Kathleen Taylor

Kathleen E. Taylor is a research scientist in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics... more »

Kathryn Barton

Kathryn Barton is Associate Professor (By courtesy) in the Department of Biology at Stanford... more »

Katsunori Wakabayashi

Katsunori Wakabayashi is a physicist at the International Center for Materials... more »

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