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Akiyuki Shinbo

Akiyuki Shinbo, born September 27, 1961 in Fukushima, Japan, is a Japanese animation director... more »

Al Eugster

Al Eugster was an animator, writer and film director. more »

Al Hubbard

Allan "Al" Hubbard (May 26, 1913 - May 1984) was an American animator and comic book writer. He... more »

Alain Gagnol

Alain Gagnol is a French film maker. In January 2012, he was nominated for an Academy Award for... more »

Alan Bunce

Alan Bunce is a Canadian animator working at Nelvana Limited, who directed the 1989 film, Babar:... more »

Alan Smart

Alan Smart is an animator and an animation director best known for his work for SpongeBob... more »

Alê Abreu

Alê Abreu is a Brazilian film director and screenwriter. Sírius, his first short film, debuted... more »

Aleksandr Belyakov

Aleksandr Belyakov was a film art director. more »

Aleksandr Petrov

Aleksandr Konstantinovich Petrov is a Russian animator and animation director. more »

Aleksandr Ptushko

Aleksandr Lukich Ptushko is a Soviet animation and fantasy film director, and Meritorious Artist... more »

Aleksandr Tatarskiy

Aleksander Mihailovich Tatarskiy was a Soviet/Russian animation film director, script writer and... more »

Aleksandra Korejwo

Aleksandra Korejwo is a film director and animator. more »

Alessandro Ceglia

Alessandro Ceglia is an animator, film director, producer, editor and screenwriter. more »

Alex Antunes

Alex Antunes is an animator. more »

Alex Lovy

Alex Lovy was an American animator, who spent the majority of his career as an animator and... more »

Alexander Lebedev

Alexander Lebedev is an animator and was nominated for Outstanding Main Title Design in the 52nd... more »

Alexander Sokoloff

Alexander Sokoloff is an animator and a film director. more »

Alexander Williams

Alexander "Alex" Williams is an English film animator and cartoonist. He is the son of animator... more »

Alexandra Hetmerova

Alexandra Hetmerova is a film director, screenwriter, animator and illustrator. more »

Alexej Tchernyi

Alexej Tchernyi is a film director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor and animator. more »

Alexia Provoost

Alexia Provoost is a film director and animator. more »

Alexij Kharitidi

Alexij Kharitidi is an animator, film director, screenwriter and film art director. more »

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Ali Akbar Sadeghi a graduate of the College of Art, University of Tehran, is one of the most... more »

Alicja Björk Jaworski

Alicja Björk Jaworski is an animator and film director. more »

Alison De Vere

Alison De Vere was a film director, screenwriter and animator. more »

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