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Alessio Tramello

Alessio Tramello was an Italian Renaissance architect who mostly designed churches and civic... more »

Alex Anmahian

Alex Anmahian is a Boston-based architect, co-founding partner of Anmahian Winton Architects and... more »

Alex B. Mahood

Alexander Blount Mahood was a Bluefield, West Virginia-based architect. He was born at... more »

Alex Cooper

Alexander Cooper, FAIA, often credited as Alex Cooper, is an American architect and urban... more »

Alex Jordan, Jr.

Alexander John Jordan, Jr. was best known as the creator of the House on the Rock, an eccentric... more »

Alex MacLean

Alex S. MacLean is an American photographic artist who is best known for his aerial photographs... more »

Alex Michaelis

Alexis michaelis is an architect who resides in London. more »

Alex Popov

Alexander Popov is an Australian architect working in the Late 20th Century Modern style. more »

Alex Russell

Alex Russell MC was an Australian grazier, soldier, golfer and architect. Russell was born at... more »

Alexander Baerwald

Alexander Baerwald was a German Jewish architect best known for his work in Haifa, Israel. more »

Alexander Beer

Alexander Beer was a German architect. Beer was born in Hammerstein, West Prussia. He studied in... more »

Alexander Bernardazzi

Aleksander Osipovich Bernardazzi was a Russian architect best known for his work in Odessa and... more »

Alexander Black

Alexander Black was a Scottish architect, born in Edinburgh around 1790, and who rose to fame... more »

Alexander Brodsky

Alexander Savvich Brodsky is a Russian architect and sculptor. He is one of Russia's best known... more »

Alexander Brullov

Alexander Pavlovich Brullov was a Russian artist associated with Russian Neoclassicism. Alexander... more »

Alexander Buchanan Campbell

Alexander Buchanan Campbell was a Scottish architect. He was born in Anstruther, Scotland. He... more »

Alexander C. Eschweiler

Alexander Chadbourne Eschweiler was an American architect, with a practice in Milwaukee,... more »

Alexander Davidson

Alexander Davidson was a Scottish architect active in Australia. more »

Alexander Delos "Boss" Jones

Alexander Delos "Boss" Jones, also known as A.D. Jones or Boss Jones, was an American master... more »

Alexander Dick Gough

Alexander Dick Gough was an English architect who practised in London, where much of his work... more »

Alexander Edward

Alexander Edward was a Scottish Episcopalian clergyman, who later became a draughtsman,... more »

Alexander Ferdinand Grychtolik

Alexander Ferdinand Grychtolik is a German harpsichordist, improviser, musicologist and academic. more »

Alexander Francis Dunlop

Alexander Francis Dunlop, was a Canadian architect from Montreal, Quebec. more »

Alexander Garvin

Alexander Garvin is a noted American urban planner, educator, and author. He is in private... more »

Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie

Alexander George Robertson Mackenzie was a Scottish architect. more »

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