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Francesca Francone

Francesca Francone is an architect and a TV presenter and the wife of Sananda Maitreya. more »

Francesco Antonio Picchiatti

Francesco Antonio Picchiatti was an Italian architect of the Baroque period active in Naples. He... more »

Francesco Antonio Zimbalo

Francesco Antonio Zimbalo was an Italian architect. He was one of the most prominent artists in... more »

Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli

Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli was a French-born Russian-Italian architect. He developed an... more »

Francesco Borromini

Francesco Borromini, byname of Francesco Castelli, was an architect from Ticino who, with his... more »

Francesco Camporesi

Francesco Camporesi was an Italian architect, painter, engraver and educator who worked in... more »

Francesco Carofiglio

Francesco Carofiglio is an Italian architect, writer and director. Son of writer Enza Buono and... more »

Francesco da Mosto

Francesco da Mosto is an Italian architect, author, historian, film maker and television... more »

Francesco da Sangallo

Francesco da Sangallo was an Italian High Renaissance sculptor, the son of the architect and... more »

Francesco di Giorgio

Francesco di Giorgio Martini was an Italian painter of the Sienese School and a sculptor, as... more »

Francesco Ferrari

Francesco Ferrari was an Italian painter and architect of the Baroque period, active in Ferrara... more »

Francesco Fiorentino

Francesco Fiorentino was a Polish-Italian renaissance architect from Florence, who together with... more »

Francesco Maria Richini

Francesco Maria Richini was an Italian Baroque architect. He was born in Milan and trained under... more »

Francesco Ottavio Magnocavalli

Francesco Ottavio Magnocavalli, also spelled Magnocavallo was an Italian architect and... more »

Francesco Peparelli

Francesco Peparelli was an Italian architect during the 17th century. He designed the Palazzo... more »

Francesco Piranesi

Francesco Piranesi was an Italian engraver, etcher and architect. He was the son of the more... more »

Francesco Primaticcio

Francesco Primaticcio was an Italian Mannerist painter, architect and sculptor who spent most of... more »

Francesco Ricchino

Francesco Ricchino was an Italian architect of the Renaissance period, born in Rovato and mainly... more »

Francesco Sabatini

Francesco Sabatini, also known as Francisco Sabatini, was an Italian architect of the 18th... more »

Francesco Salvi

Francesco Salvi is an Italian actor, writer, comedian, singer and architect. Born in the... more »

Francesco Solari

Francesco Solari was an Italian sculptor, architect and engineer. He was born in Milan, the son... more »

Francesco Talenti

Francesco Talenti was a Tuscan architect and sculptor who worked mainly in Florence after 1351... more »

Francesco Tamburini

Francesco Tamburini was an Italian-born architect who designed many important architectural... more »

Francine Houben

Francine Houben is a leading Dutch architect. She is a founding partner and the creative... more »

Francis Bedford

Francis Bedford was an English photographer. more »

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