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Frederick S. Waller

Frederick Sandham Waller was a British architect and antiquarian of Gloucester, where he was the... more »

Frederick Staples Benedict

Frederick Staples Benedict was an American architect. For more than thirty years he was a... more »

Frederick Sterner

Frederick Sterner was a British born American architect. Born in London, Sterner moved to the... more »

Frederick Stuart Greene

Frederick Stuart Greene, was Superintendent of Public Works of New York State. Greene was an... more »

Frederick Thatcher

Rev. Frederick Thatcher was an English and New Zealand architect and clergyman. He was born at... more »

Frederick Thomas Pilkington

Frederick Thomas Pilkington was a Scottish architect, practising in the Victorian High Gothic... more »

Frederick W. Garber

Frederick W. Garber was an American architect in Cincinnati, Ohio and the principal architect in... more »

Frederick W. Stickney

Frederick W. Stickney, was an American architect. more »

Frederick Walters

Frederick Arthur Walters was a Scottish architect working in the Victorian and Edwardian eras,... more »

Frederick Wheeler

Frederick Wheeler was a British architect, born in Brixton, Surrey, in October 1853. His parents... more »

Frederick William Cumberland

Frederick William Cumberland was a Canadian engineer, architect and political figure. He... more »

Frederik Ferdinand Friis

Frederik Ferdinand Friis was a Danish architect, professor and Royal Building Inspector. His... more »

Fredrik August Lidströmer

Fredrik August Lidströmer, son of Jonas Lidströmer. Swedish architect, artist and marine officer... more »

Fredrik Lilljekvist

Johan Fredrik Lilljekvist was a Swedish architect. He is best known for his controversial... more »

Fredrik Olaus Lindström

Fredrik Olaus Lindström was a Swedish architect. Lindstrom was hired as city architect in Umeå... more »

Fredrik Torp

Fredrik Torp is a Norwegian architect. He took his education at the Norwegian Institute of... more »

Frei Otto

Frei Paul Otto is a German architect and structural engineer. more »

Freidun Aghalyan

Freidun Aghalyan was an Armenian architect. In 1903 Aghalian finished the Saint-Petersburg... more »

Fremont D. Orff

Fremont D. Orff was an American architect. He worked together with his architect brother George... more »

Fridolin Heer

Fridolin Heer was a Swiss born and trained architect who immigrated to the United States in 1864... more »

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist. Born Friedrich Stowasser... more »

Friedrich Adler

Friedrich Adler was a German architect and archaeologist. After having studied at the Academy of... more »

Friedrich August Stüler

Friedrich August Stüler was an influential Prussian architect and builder. His masterwork is the... more »

Friedrich Bürklein

Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein was a German architect and a pupil of Friedrich von Gärtner. more »

Friedrich Gilly

Friedrich David Gilly was a German architect and the son of the architect David Gilly. Born in... more »

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