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Francisco de Frias da Mesquita

Portuguese architect and military engineer active in Brazil. He was appointed "Engenheiro-Mor e... more »

Francisco de Holanda

Francisco de Holanda was a Portuguese humanist and painter. Considered to be one of the most... more »

Francisco de Mora

Francisco de Mora was a Spanish Renaissance architect. Mora was born in Cuenca, and was an uncle... more »

Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano

Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano, was a Spanish architect. He studied architecture in... more »

Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras

Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras was a prominent Mexican architect and a painter. He was active... more »

Francisco Gianotti

Francisco Gianotti was an architect who designed many important Art Nouveau buildings in Buenos... more »

Francisco J. Serrano

Francisco J. Serrano y Alvarez de la Rosa was a Mexican civil engineer and architect. Serrano... more »

Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza

Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza was a Spanish architect and influential practitioner of the... more »

Francisco Manosa

Francisco Mañosa is a Filipino architect noted for his Filipino inspired architectural designs... more »

Francisco Porrata-Doria

Francisco Luis Porrata-Doría was a Puerto Rican architect from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Porrata-Doría... more »

Francisco Salamone

Francisco Salamone was an Argentine architect of Italian descent who, between 1936 and 1940,... more »

Franco Albini

Franco Albini was an Italian Neo-Rationalist architect and designer. A native of Robbiate, near... more »

François Baillairgé

François Baillairgé was an architect who also pursued painting and wood sculpture. The son of... more »

François Bailly

François Bailly was a French mason, architect and official who a was prominent citizen in Montreal. more »

François Blondel

Nicolas-François Blondel was a soldier, engineer of fortifications, diplomat, civil engineer and... more »

François d'Orbay

François d'Orbay was a French draughtsman and architect who worked closely with Louis Le Vau and... more »

François de Cuvilliés

François de Cuvilliés was a Belgian-born Bavarian decorative designer and architect who was... more »

François Debret

François Debret was a French architect and Freemason. more »

François Deslaugiers

François Deslaugiers was a French architect. more »

François Dominique Barreau de Chefdeville

François Dominique Barreau de Chefdeville was a French architect. more »

Francois le Vau

Architect, brother of Louis le Vau more »

François Mansart

François Mansart was a French architect credited with introducing classicism into Baroque... more »

François Roche

François Roche is a French architecture graduate, co-founder of the architecture studio, R&Sie. more »

François Valentiny

François Valentiny is a Luxembourgish architect. more »

François-Benjamin Chaussemiche

François-Benjamin Chaussemiche was a French architect. Chaussemiche was born in Tours, and in... more »

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