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Joseph Philippe Karam

Joseph Philippe Karam was a Lebanese architect. He graduated in 1946 from the Université... more »

Joseph Pickford

Joseph Pickford was an English architect, one of the leading provincial architects in the reign... more »

Joseph Poelaert

Joseph Poelaert was a Belgian architect. more »

Joseph Potter

Joseph Potter, was an English architect and builder from Lichfield, Staffordshire in the United... more »

Joseph Reed

Joseph Reed, a Cornishman by birth, was probably the most influential Victorian era architect in... more »

Joseph Stanislaus Hansom

Joseph Stanislaus Hansom, FRIBA was a British architect. He was the son and partner of the... more »

Joseph Storey

Joseph William Storey was an internationally-renowned architect based in Chatham, Ontario,... more »

Joseph Sunlight

Joseph Sunlight, was a Belarusian/ English architect whose energy amassed him a great fortune in... more »

Joseph T. Parkinson

Joseph T. Parkinson was an English architect. He was the son of James Parkinson. Apprenticed... more »

Joseph Trench

Joseph Trench was an American architect who practiced in New York City and San Francisco in the... more »

Joseph Turner

Joseph Turner was an architect of Welsh origin who worked in the 18th century. Most of his major... more »

Joseph Uchard

François Joseph Uchard, known as Joseph Uchard, was a French architect. His projects include the... more »

Joseph Urban

Joseph Urban was an Austrian-American architect, illustrator and scenic designer. more »

Joseph W. McCarthy

Joseph William McCarthy is an architect. more »

Joseph W. Yost

Joseph W. Yost was a prominent architect from Ohio whose works included many courthouses and... more »

Joseph Welland

Joseph Welland was born in County Cork and became an Irish Architect for the Board of First... more »

Joseph-Antoine Froelicher

Template:Гnreferenced Josef Anton or Joseph-Antoine Froelicher or Frölicher was a Swiss... more »

Joseph-Jacques Ramée

Joseph-Jacques Ramée was a French architect, interior designer, and landscape architect working... more »

Joseph-Louis Duc

Joseph-Louis Duc was a French architect. Duc came to prominence early, with his very well... more »

Josephine Wright Chapman

Josephine Wright Chapman was an American architect in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York... more »

Josh Schweitzer

Josh Schweitzer is the husband of Mary Sue Milliken. more »

Joshua Arthur Rodrigues Brandon

Joshua Arthur Rodrigues Brandon was an English architect and author. Prior to an early death... more »

Joshua Humphreys

Joshua Humphreys was an influential and successful ship builder in the United States. Humphreys... more »

Joshua Prince-Ramus

Joshua Ramus is an American architect. Ramus is Principal of REX, an internationally acclaimed... more »

Josiah Conder

Josiah Conder was a British architect who worked as a foreign advisor to the government of Meiji... more »

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