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Álvaro Alsogaray

Álvaro Carlos Alsogaray was an Argentine politician and businessman. Minister of Economy during... more »

Álvaro Colom

Álvaro Colom, is a Guatemalan politician who was the President of Guatemala from 2008 to 2012,... more »

Álvaro del Portillo

The Venerable Álvaro del Portillo, or Álvaro del Portillo y Diez de Sollano, was a Spanish... more »

Ányos Jedlik

Ányos István Jedlik was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist, and Benedictine priest. He... more »

Édouard Biot

Édouard Constant Biot, was a French engineer and Sinologist. As an engineer, he participated in... more »

Édouard Joly

Édouard Joly, born in Burgundy in 1898, deceased in 1982 was a French aeroplane designer best... more »

Édouard Ravel

Édouard Ravel was an engineer and the brother of Maurice Ravel. more »

Émile Baudot

Jean-Maurice-Émile Baudot, French telegraph engineer and inventor of the first means of digital... more »

Émile Dewoitine

Émile Dewoitine was a French aviation industrialist. more »

Émile Girardeau

Émile Girardeau was a French engineer, famous for being the first person to patent the original... more »

Émile Mayrisch

Jacob Émile Albert Mayrisch was a Luxembourgian industrialist and businessman. He served as... more »

Émile Nouguier

Émile Nouguier was a French civil engineer and architect. He is famous for co-designing the... more »

Émile Servais

Émile Servais was a Luxembourgian left liberal politician. He was an engineer by profession. On... more »

Éric Carreel

Éric Carreel, is a French engineer and serial entrepreneur. He is the founding president of... more »

Éric Maurincomme

Eric Maurincomme is a French engineer, currently director of INSA Lyon and ex-Vice President... more »

Étienne Lenoir

Jean Joseph Étienne Lenoir also known as Jean J. Lenoir was a Belgian engineer who developed the... more »

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