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A. B. Rogers

Albert Bowman Rogers, commonly known as Major A.B. Rogers, was an American surveyor now best... more »

A. Baldwin Wood

Albert Baldwin Wood was an inventor and engineer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from... more »

A. C. Heidebrecht

Arthur C. Heidebrecht is a Canadian professor and civil engineer. He served as a faculty member... more »

A. E. J. Collins

Arthur Edward Jeune "James" Collins, typically now known by his initials A. E. J. Collins, was... more »

A. Ernest Fitzgerald

A. Ernest Fitzgerald was a U.S. government employee from 1965 to 2006. more »

A. Hamilton Church

Alexander Hamilton Church was an English efficiency engineer, accountant and author. He became... more »

A. L. Beattie

Alfred Luther Beattie, typically referred to as A. L. Beattie, was a pioneering locomotive... more »

A. M. Hamilton

Archibald Milne Hamilton was a New Zealand-born civil engineer, notable for building the... more »

A. Richard Newton

Arthur Richard Newton was the dean of the University of California, Berkeley College of... more »

A. S. Laxmi Narayanan

A. S. Laxmi Narayanan is an audiographer - sound engineer, mixer and sound editor from Vellore... more »

A. Wayne Wymore

Albert Wayne Wymore was an American mathematician, systems engineer, Professor Emeritus of... more »

A.R. Pardington

Arthur Rayner Pardington was the chief engineer and 2nd Vice President of The Long Island Motor... more »

Abbas Ibn Firnas

Abbas Ibn Firnas, also known as Abbas Abu Al-Qasim Ibn Firnas Ibn Wirdas al-Takurini, was a... more »

Abdul Qadeer Khan

Abdul Qadeer Khan; DEngr, NI, HI, FPAS; also respectfully known by some in Pakistan as... more »

Abdul Rahman Al-Athel

Saleh Abdul Rahman Al-Athel, is a respected Professor of Science and Mechanical Engineering in... more »

Abdulkadir Kure

Abdulkadir Kure was governor of Niger State in Nigeria from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007. He is a... more »

Abdullah Almalki

Abdullah Almalki is a Syrian-Canadian engineer who was imprisoned and tortured for two years in... more »

Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani

Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani is a Bahraini engineer and retired lieutenant general. He has... more »

Abdulrahman bin Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal ash-Shaikh

Abdulrahman bin Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal ash-Shaikh is the son of Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal... more »

Abdurrahman Ağaoğlu

Abdurrahman Ağaoğlu is an engineer and a business man. more »

Abe Silverstein

Abraham "Abe" Silverstein was an American engineer who played an important part in the United... more »

Abeer El-Telmissany

Abeer El-Telmissany is an engineer. more »

Abel Pifre

Abel Pifre, was a French engineer who developed the first solar power printing press. He was... more »

Abel Tapia

Abel J. Tapia was a Democratic member of the Colorado Senate, representing the 3rd District from... more »

Abijah McCall

Abijah McCall was a co-inventor of the Fresno Scraper, a horse-drawn earth-moving machine upon... more »

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