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L. B. Billinton

Lawson Butzkopfski Billinton was the Locomotive Engineer of the London, Brighton and South Coast... more »

L. D. Ricketts

Louis Davidson Ricketts was an American economic geologist, mining engineer and banker who... more »

L. Shankar

Lakshminarayana Shankar, also known as L. Shankar and Shenkar, is an Indian-born American... more »

Lacey Robert Johnson

Colonel Lacey Robert Johnson was a Canadian Pacific Railway pioneer. Lacey Johnson was the son... more »

Ladislas Goldstein

Ladislas Goldstein was was professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois and... more »

Lancelot de Mole

Lancelot Eldin "Lance" de Mole CBE, was an Australian engineer and inventor. He made several... more »

Lancelot Law Whyte

Lancelot Law Whyte was a Scottish financier and industrial engineer. He claimed to have worked... more »

Lanoe Hawker

Lanoe George Hawker VC, DSO was a British flying ace, with seven credited victories, during the... more »

Larry Constantine

Larry LeRoy Constantine is an American software engineer and professor in the Center for Exact... more »

Larry Levine

Larry Levine was an American audio engineer, known for his cooperation with Phil Spector on the... more »

Larry Reithmaier

Larry Reithmaier is an American engineer and author. Private Pilot's Guide won the top award... more »

Lars Bak

Lars Bak is a Danish computer programmer who currently works for Google where he has contributed... more »

Lars Grimsrud

Lars Grimsrud is an aerospace engineer and performance automobile enthusiast who has become a... more »

Lars Monrad-Krohn

Lars Monrad-Krohn is a Norwegian engineer and entrepreneur. He graduated from the Norwegian... more »

Lars Onsager

Lars Onsager was a Norwegian-born American physical chemist and theoretical physicist, winner of... more »

Lars Rasmussen

Lars Eilstrup Rasmussen is a Danish-born computer scientist, software developer, and co-founder... more »

Lassi Karonen

Lassi Karonen is a Swedish rower. He finished 6th in the men's single sculls at the 2008 Summer... more »

László Bélády

László "Les" Bélády is a Hungarian computer scientist notable for devising the Bélády's Min... more »

László Heller

Heller László was a Hungarian professor credited with inventing the Heller–Forgó cooling system... more »

Laura Tao

Laura Tao is an engineer and the wife of Terence Tao. more »

Laurence Godfrey

Laurence Paul Godfrey is a British archer. He studied for an HND in Mechanical Manufacturing at... more »

Laurent Gathier

Laurent Gathier is a French engineer and space pioneer born in 1953 in Friedrichshafen, Germany... more »

Lavr Proskuryakov

Lavr Dmitrievich Proskuryakov was a leading bridge builder of Imperial Russia. Proskuryakov was... more »

Lawrence A. Hyland

Lawrence A. "Pat" Hyland was an American electrical engineer. He is one of several people... more »

Lawrence C. F. Horle

Lawrence Christopher Frank Horle was a noted American electrical engineer. Horle was born in... more »

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