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Paolo Gorini

Paolo Gorini was an Italian scientist. more »

Paolo Savi

Paolo Savi, was an Italian geologist and ornithologist. more »

Parker Cleaveland

Parker Cleaveland was an American geologist and mineralogist, born in Rowley, Massachusetts. He... more »

Patrick Manning

Patrick Augustus Mervyn Manning is a Trinidadian politician who was the fourth Prime Minister of... more »

Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall was a geologist who lived in New Zealand. more »

Pattillo Higgins

Pattillo Higgins was a businessman as well as a self-taught geologist. He earned the nickname... more »

Paul F. Hoffman

Paul Felix Hoffman, FRSC, OC is a Canadian geologist and Sturgis Hooper Professor Emeritus of... more »

Paul Goldberg

Paul Goldberg is an geologist specializing in geomorphology and geoarchaeology who had done... more »

Paul Lemoine

Paul Lemoine was a French geologist born in Paris. He was the son of chemist Georges Lemoine. In... more »

Paul Segall

Paul Segall is Professor of Geophysics at Stanford University. more »

Paul Spudis

Paul D. Spudis is an American geologist and lunar scientist. In 1976 he earned a B.S. in geology... more »

Paul Werner Gast

Paul Werner Gast was an American geochemist and geologist. He was born in Chicago, and attended... more »

Paweł Strzelecki

Sir Paweł Edmund Strzelecki KCB CMG FRGS MRS was a Polish explorer and geologist who in 1845... more »

Pedro José Amadeo Pissis

Pedro José Amadeo Pissis Marín was a French geologist who served the Chilean government in the... more »

Pentti Eskola

Pentti Eelis Eskola was a Finnish geologist who developed the concept of metamorphic facies. He... more »

Per Teodor Cleve

Per Teodor Cleve was a Swedish chemist and geologist. After graduating from the Stockholm... more »

Percy Fry Kendall

Percy Fry Kendall FRS, was an English geologist. A student of Thomas Henry Huxley, he was... more »

Peter Ascanius

Peter Ascanius was a Norwegian biologist and a student of Linnaeus. He taught zoology and... more »

Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett, NZAM, is a geologist who first rose to fame for discovering the first tetrapod... more »

Peter Bellinger Brodie

Peter Bellinger Brodie was an English geologist and churchman, the son of the conveyancer Peter... more »

Peter Clift

Peter Clift is a British marine geologist and geophysicist specializing in the geology of Asia... more »

Peter Fitzgerald-Moore

Peter Fitzgerald-Moore, born 28 May 1919, in London, England), died 5 May 2004, in Calgary,... more »

Peter H. Schultz

Peter H. Schultz is Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown University specializing in the... more »

Peter John Wyllie

Peter John Wyllie is a petrologist who was Professor of Geology at Caltech from 1983 until his... more »

Peter Merian

Peter Merian (* 20. Dezember 1795 in Basel; † 8. Februar 1883 in Basel) war ein Schweizer... more »

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