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A M Heron

Geologist in pre independence india who worked for and publiched research for the "Geological... more »

A. Hallam

Professor Anthony Hallam, aka Tony Hallam, is a British geologist, palaeontologist and writer... more »

A. M. Miller

Arthur McQuiston Miller was an American educator, zoologist, geologist, and college football... more »

Abraham Gottlob Werner

Abraham Gottlob Werner, was a German geologist who set out an early theory about the... more »

Abraham Pineo Gesner

Abraham Pineo Gesner was a Canadian physician and geologist who invented kerosene. Although... more »

Achille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse

Achille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse was a French geologist and mineralogist. He was born at... more »

Adam Sedgwick

Adam Sedgwick was one of the founders of modern geology. He proposed the Devonian period of the... more »

Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld

Friherr Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld was a Finnish baron, botanist, geologist, mineralogist and... more »

Adolf Overweg

Adolf Overweg was a German geologist, astronomer, and traveler from Hamburg. As a member of a... more »

Adolph Knopf

Adolph Knopf was an American geologist. Educated at the University of California, Berkeley, he... more »

Adolphe d'Archiac

Étienne Jules Adolphe Desmier de Saint-Simon, Vicomte d'Archiac was a French geologist and... more »

Alan H. Coogan

Dr. Alan Hall Coogan is a former professor of geology at Kent State University. He received his... more »

Alan S. Kornacki

Alan Stanley Kornacki is an American geologist and retired Army colonel, currently the Senior... more »

Albany Hancock

Albany Hancock, English naturalist, biologist and supporter of Charles Darwin, was born on... more »

Albert Auguste Cochon de Lapparent

Albert Auguste Cochon de Lapparent was a French geologist. He was born at Bourges. After... more »

Albert David Hager

Albert David Hager was a United States geologist, librarian and historian. more »

Albert Ernest Kitson

Sir Albert Ernest Kitson KBE, CMG was a British/Australian geologist and naturalist, winner of... more »

Albert Heim

Albert Heim was a Swiss geologist, noted for his three-volume Geologie der Schweiz. Born at... more »

Albert Perry Brigham

Albert Perry Brigham, A.M. was an American geologist, born at Perry, New York and educated at... more »

Albert Peter Low

Albert Peter Low was a Canadian geologist, explorer and athlete. His explorations of 1893–1895... more »

Albrecht Penck

Albrecht Penck, was a German geographer and geologist and the father of Walther Penck. Born in... more »

Aleksander Czekanowski

Aleksander Czekanowski was a Polish geologist and explorer of Siberia. He took part in the... more »

Aleksandr Rudolfovich Gangnus

Aleksandr Rudolfovich Gangnus is the father of Yevgeniy Yevtushenko. more »

Aleksis Dreimanis

Aleksis Dreimanis was a Canadian Quaternary geologist. He was born in Valmiera, Latvia. He first... more »

Alexander Catcott

The Reverend Alexander Catcott was an English geologist and theologian born in Bristol, who... more »

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