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Alphons Stübel

Moritz Alphons Stübel was a German geologist and vulcanologist who was a native of Leipzig. He... more »

Alphonse Briart

Alphonse Briart was supervisor of the coal mines at Bascoup and Mariemont near Morlanwelz in the... more »

Alphonse Francois Renard

Alphonse Francois Renard, Belgian geologist and petrographer, was born at Ronse, in East... more »

Aluízio Licínio de Miranda Barbosa

Aluízio Licínio de Miranda Barbosa usually known as Professor Licínio is a retired geologist. He... more »

Alwyn Williams

Sir Alwyn Williams Kt, FRS, FRSE, MRIA, FGS was a Welsh geologist, who was Principal of the... more »

Amadeus William Grabau

Amadeus William Grabau was a German-American paleontologist and geologist who was born on... more »

Ami Boué

Ami Boué, Austrian geologist, was born at Hamburg, and received his early education there and in... more »

André Cailleux

André de Cayeux de Senarpont was a French paleontologist and geologist. He was born in Paris,... more »

André Dumont

André Hubert Dumont was a Belgian geologist. Dumont was born in Liège. His first work was a... more »

André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers

André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers was a French mineralogist and geologist. He was... more »

Andrew Geddes Bain

Andrew Geddes Bain, was a South African geologist, road engineer, palaeontologist and explorer. more »

Andrew Gibb Maitland

Andrew Gibb Maitland was an English-born Australian geologist. Maitland was born in Birkby,... more »

Andrew Lawson

Andrew Cowper Lawson was a professor of geology at the University of California, Berkeley. He... more »

Andrew Ramsay

Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay was a Scottish geologist. more »

Andrey Arkhangelsky

Andrey Dmitriyevich Arkhangelsky was a Russian geologist. He was a professor at Moscow State... more »

Angelo Heilprin

Angelo Heilprin was an American geologist, paleontologist, naturalist, and explorer. He is... more »

Anselmus de Boodt

Anselmus de Boodt was a Belgian mineralogist and physician from the city of Brugge during the... more »

Anthony J. Naldrett

Anthony James "Tony" Naldrett, FRSC is a Canadian geologist. He is an authority on the geology... more »

Anthony Leonard Harris

Anthony Leonard Harris is a British geologist and former president of the Geological Society of... more »

Anthony R. Barringer

Anthony R. "Tony" Barringer was a Canadian/American geophysicist. He made numerous contributions... more »

Antoine François Passy

Antoine François Passy was a French politician, geologist, and botanist. more »

Antoine Lacroix

Antoine François Alfred Lacroix ForMemRS was a French mineralogist and geologist. He was born at... more »

Antonin Fritsch

Antonin Fritsch was a Czech paleontologist, biologist and geologist, living during the... more »

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini was a French geographer and scientist who theorized about the... more »

Antonio Stoppani

Antonio Stoppani was an Italian Catholic priest, geologist and palaeontologist. more »

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