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Archibald Geikie

Sir Archibald Geikie, OM, KCB, PRS, FRSE, was a Scottish geologist and writer. more »

Ardito Desio

Count Ardito Desio was an Italian explorer, mountain climber, geologist, and cartographer. more »

Arnold Escher von der Linth

Arnold Escher von der Linth was a Swiss geologist, the son of Hans Conrad Escher von der... more »

Arnold Hague

Arnold Hague was a United States geologist who did many geological surveys in the U.S., of which... more »

Arnold Henry Guyot

Arnold Henry Guyot was a Swiss-American geologist and geographer. more »

Arnould Locard

Étienne Alexandre Arnould Locard, usually known as Arnould Locard, was a French naturalist,... more »

Art Gilkey

Art Gilkey was an American geologist and mountaineer. more »

Arthur Elijah Trueman

Sir Arthur Elijah Trueman, KBE FRS FRSE FGS, was a British geologist. more »

Arthur Holmes

Arthur Holmes FRS was a British geologist who made two major contributions to the understanding... more »

Arthur Lakes

Arthur Lakes was a notable geologist, artist, writer, teacher and minister. He captured much of... more »

Arthur Louis Day

Arthur Louis Day was an American geophysicist and volcanologist. He studied high temperature... more »

Arthur N. Strahler

Arthur Newell Strahler was a geoscience professor at Columbia University who in 1952 developed... more »

Arthur Philemon Coleman

Arthur Philemon Coleman was a Canadian geologist and academic. more »

Arthur Raistrick

Arthur Raistrick was a British geologist, archaeologist, academic, and writer. He was born in a... more »

Arthur Upfield

Arthur William Upfield was an Australian writer, best known for his works of detective fiction... more »

Arturo Issel

Arturo Issel was an Italian geologist, palaeontologist, malacologist and archaeologist. He is... more »

Arville Irving Levorsen

Arville Irving Levorsen was an American geologist. He served as the dean of the School of... more »

August Emanuel von Reuss

August Emanuel von Reuss, Austrian geologist and palaeontologist, was born at Bílina in Bohemia... more »

Auguste Le Prévost

Auguste Le Prévost was a French geologist, philologist, archaeologist and historian. While... more »

Auguste Michel-Lévy

Auguste Michel-Lévy was a French geologist. He was born in Paris. He became inspector-general of... more »

Auguste Pomel

Auguste Nicolas Pomel was a French geologist and paleontologist Pomel was born in Issoire. He... more »

Augusto Gansser-Biaggi

Augusto Gansser-Biaggi was a Swiss geologist who specialised in the geology of the Himalayas. He... more »

Austin Burton Edwards

Austin Burton Edwards was an Australian geologist, winner of the Clarke Medal in 1960. Edwards... more »

Aziz Ab'Sáber

Aziz Nacib Ab'Sáber was an environmentalist and one of Brazil´s most respected scientists,... more »

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