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T. H. Clark

Thomas Henry Clark, Ph.D., FRSC was a Canadian geologist who is considered to have been one of... more »

T. P. Kailasam

Thyagaraja Paramasiva Kailasam, was a playwright and prominent writer of Kannada literature. His... more »

Tadeusz Bachleda-Curuś

Tadeusz Bachleda-Curuś is the father of Alicja Bachleda-Curuś. more »

Tanya Atwater

Tanya Atwater is a retired American geophysicist and marine geologist who specialized in plate... more »

Theodor Kjerulf

Theodor Kjerulf was a Norwegian geologist and poet. He was born in Christiania, and was the... more »

Theodor Wolf

Theodor Wolf was a German naturalist who studied the Galápagos Islands during the late... more »

Thomas A. Greene

Thomas Arnold Greene was an amateur geologist in Wisconsin, USA. He became successful in the... more »

Thomas A. Mutch

Thomas A. Mutch was an American geologist and planetary scientist. He was a professor at Brown... more »

Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt

Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt was an English vice-admiral, hydrographer, and geologist. He was born... more »

Thomas Barger

Thomas Barger was an American geologist, explorer, miner, businessman and former CEO of the... more »

Thomas Belt

Thomas Belt, an English geologist and naturalist, was born at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1832, and... more »

Thomas Brennan Nolan

Thomas Brennan Nolan was an American geologist. more »

Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin

Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin was an influential American geologist and educator. In 1893 he... more »

Thomas Condon

Thomas Condon was an Irish Congregational minister, geologist, and paleontologist who gained... more »

Thomas Davidson

Thomas Davidson was a British palaeontologist. more »

Thomas Edvard Krogh

Thomas Edvard "Tom" Krogh, FRSC was a geochronologist and a former curator for the Royal Ontario... more »

Thomas George Bonney

Thomas George Bonney FRS was an English geologist. more »

Thomas Henry Holland

Sir Thomas Henry Holland KCSI KCIE FRS was a British geologist and educational... more »

Thomas Jaggar

Thomas Augustus Jaggar, Jr. was an American volcanologist. He founded the Hawaiian Volcano... more »

Thomas Jamieson

Thomas Francis Jamieson was a Scottish scientist most associated with his studies of sea level... more »

Thomas Oldham

Thomas Oldham was an Anglo-Irish geologist. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin and... more »

Thomas Rupert Jones

Thomas Rupert Jones FRS was a British geologist and palaeontologist. more »

Thomas Sergeant Hall

Thomas Sergeant Hall was an Australian geologist and biologist, recipient of The Murchison Fund... more »

Thomas Stanley Westoll

Thomas Stanley Westoll, FRS FRSE, FGS was the long-time head of the Department of Geology at... more »

Thomas Sterry Hunt

Thomas Sterry Hunt was a United States geologist and chemist. more »

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