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G. W. Pierce

George Washington Pierce was an American physicist. He was a professor of physics at Harvard... more »

Gabor Steiner

Gabor Steiner was an impresario, theatrical producer, exposition manager and inventor. more »

Gail Borden

Gail Borden, Jr., was a 19th-century U.S. inventor, surveyor, and publisher, and was the... more »

GAL Thorsen

GAL Thorsen was a Danish inventor and entrepreneur. more »

Games Slayter

Games Slayter was a prolific U.S. engineer and inventor. He is best known for developing Fiberglass. more »

Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown is an American cinematographer, best known as the inventor of the Steadicam... more »

Garrett C Smith

Garrett C Smith was a fellow in the Biodesign Program 2010-2011 at Stanford University. more »

Garrett Morgan

Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. was an African-American inventor and community leader. His most... more »

Gary Adams

Gary Adams was a notable salesman, founder of TaylorMade Golf, Founders Club, McHenry Metals,... more »

Gary Dahl

Gary Dahl is an award-winning copywriter, creative director, advertising agency owner,... more »

Gary Mekikian

Gary Mekikian is CEO of GATeIC. Gary has over 20 Years of technology, entrepreneurship, and... more »

Gary Onik

Gary Onik is the inventor of ultrasound guided cryosurgery for both the prostate and the... more »

Gary Starkweather

Gary Keith Starkweather is an American engineer and inventor most notable for the invention of... more »

Gary Yama

Gary Yama is a MEMS engineer at Robert Bosch Corporation, Research and Technology Center, Palo... more »

Gavriel Iddan

Gavriel Iddan is an Israeli electro-optical engineer and the inventor of wireless capsule... more »

Gayle McElvain

Gayle McElvain was a researcher in the Department of Linguistics at Stanford University. more »

Gebhard F.X. Schertler

Gebhard was born in Austria and studied chemistry and biochemistry at the University of... more »

Genrich Altshuller

Genrikh Saulovich Altshuller, was a Soviet engineer, inventor, scientist, journalist and writer... more »

Geoffrey Frank Grant

Geoffrey Frank Grant is a scientist and administrative manager at the University of North Texas... more »

Geoffrey Pyke

Geoffrey Nathaniel Joseph Pyke was an English journalist, educationalist, and later an inventor... more »

George A. Stephen

George A. Stephen, Sr. was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and the founder of Weber-Stephen... more »

George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith was a stage hypnotist, psychic, magic lantern lecturer, astronomer,... more »

George Andreasen

George F. Andreasen was an American orthodontist and inventor. Adnreasen was born February 16,... more »

George Antheil

George Antheil was an American avant-garde composer, pianist, author and inventor whose... more »

George B. Selden

George Baldwin Selden was a patent lawyer and inventor who was granted a U.S. patent for an... more »

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