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C. Graham Baker

Charles Graham Baker was an American screenwriter and director. He wrote for more than 170 films... more »

C. J. Rapp

C.J. Rapp is an American beverage inventor best known for inventing and marketing high-caffeine... more »

C.H. Latimer-Needham

Cecil Hugh Latimer-Needham was a British aircraft designer, inventor and aviation author. He is... more »

Cai Lun

Cai Lun, courtesy name Jingzhong, was a Chinese eunuch and political official. He is... more »

Calvin Quate

Calvin F. Quate was born on 7 December 1923 in Baker, Nevada. He is one of the inventors of the... more »

Calvin Souther Fuller

Calvin Souther Fuller was a physical chemist at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked for 37... more »

Camille Alphonse Faure

Camille Alphonse Faure was a French chemical engineer who in 1881 significantly improved the... more »

Candido Jacuzzi

Candido Jacuzzi was an Italian immigrant to the United States of America. Candido Jacuzzi... more »

Canvass White

Canvass White was an American engineer and inventor. He was chief engineer at the Delaware and... more »

Carey Lee

Carey Lee was CTO of Inspire Medical. She was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Carl Akeley

Carl Ethan Akeley was a taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, conservationist, inventor, and nature... more »

Carl Auer von Welsbach

Carl Auer Freiherr von Welsbach was an Austrian scientist and inventor who had a talent for not... more »

Carl Friden

Carl Friden was the Swedish born American mechanical engineer and businessman who founded the... more »

Carl Johan Cronstedt

Carl Johan Cronstedt was a Swedish architect, inventor, Earl, noble, civil servant, scientist... more »

Carl Magee

Carlton Cole "Carl" Magee was an American lawyer and publisher. He also patented the first... more »

Carl Munters

Carl Georg Munters was a Swedish inventor, most known for inventing together with Baltzar von... more »

Carl Norden

Carl Lucas Norden, born Carel Lucas van Norden, was an American engineer widely known for having... more »

Carl Richard Nyberg

Carl Richard Nyberg was the founder of Max Sieverts Lödlampfabrik, then one of the largest... more »

Carl Roman Abt

Carl Roman Abt was a Swiss mechanical engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He made... more »

Carl Strandlund

Carl Strandlund was a Swedish-born American inventor and entrepreneur. more »

Carl Wilhelm Siemens

Charles William Siemens FRSA was a German-born engineer who for most of his life worked in... more »

Carleen Hutchins

Carleen Maley Hutchins was an American former high school science teacher, violinmaker and... more »

Carleton Ellis

Carleton Ellis was an American inventor and a pioneer in the field of organic chemistry. He is... more »

Carlos Glidden

Carlos Glidden, along with Christopher Sholes and Samuel W. Soule, invented the first practical... more »

Carlyle Harmon

Frank Carlyle Harmon was a former head of fabrics research for Johnson and Johnson. He is best... more »

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