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George Kellogg

George Kellogg was an American inventor and patent expert. Kellogg was born at New Hartford,... more »

George Kingston

George Kingston was the inventor of the Kingston carburetor in 1902, in Kokomo, Indiana. more »

George Klein

George Johann Klein, OC MBE was a Hamilton, Ontario-born Canadian inventor who is often called... more »

George L. Bower

George L. Bower was a researcher at Pacific Western Systems more »

George Lerner

George Lerner was the inventor of the American toy, Mr. Potato Head. His original idea was to... more »

George Lof

George Oscar Löf was an American engineer and inventor who was best known for his contributions... more »

George Marchant

George Marchant was an Australian soft-drink manufacturer and philanthropist. Marchant was born... more »

George Massenburg

George Y. Massenburg is a recording engineer and inventor. Working principally in Baltimore, Los... more »

George Merryweather

Dr. George Merryweather M.D. was born on 10 April 1794 in Burley in Wharfedale, Yorkshire,... more »

George N. Saegmuller

George N. Saegmuller was a German-born American inventor of many astronomical instruments and... more »

George Nissen

George P. Nissen was an American gymnast and inventor who developed the modern trampoline and... more »

George Owen Squier

Major General George Owen Squier was born in Dryden, Michigan, United States. He graduated from... more »

George Pocock

George Pocock was an English schoolteacher and inventor of the "Charvolant", a kite-drawn... more »

George Poe

George Poe, Jr. was a pioneer of mechanical ventilation of asphyxiation victims. He was the... more »

George Pullman

George Mortimer Pullman was an American engineer and industrialist. He designed and manufactured... more »

George R. Carey

George R. Carey was an American inventor born in 1851. He was among the first to propose the... more »

George Ravenscroft

George Ravenscroft was an English businessman in the import/export and glass making trades. He... more »

George Richards Elkington

George Richards Elkington was a manufacturer from Birmingham, England. He patented the first... more »

George Rieveschl

Dr. George Rieveschl was an American chemist and professor. He was the inventor of the popular... more »

George Roby Dempster

George Roby Dempster was an American businessman, inventor, and politician, active primarily in... more »

George Safford Parker

George Safford Parker was an American inventor and industrialist. Parker was a telegraphy... more »

George Shillibeer

George Shillibeer was an English coachbuilder. Shillibeer was born in St Marylebone, London the... more »

George Stephenson

George Stephenson was an English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first... more »

George Sweigert

George H. Sweigert is widely credited as the first inventor to hold a patent for the invention... more »

George Washington

George Constant Louis Washington was an American inventor and businessman of Anglo-Belgian... more »

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