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Henry Alonzo House

Henry Alonzo House was an American inventor who developed machinery and processes that have had... more »

Henry Beecher Dierdorff

Henry Beecher Dierdorff was an American inventor of mining equipment, most notable for the first... more »

Henry Bessemer

Sir Henry Bessemer was an English engineer, inventor, and businessman. Bessemer's name is... more »

Henry Blair

Henry Blair was the second African American inventor to receive a patent. He was born in Glen... more »

Henry Brown

Henry Brown was an African-American inventor, credited with the invention of the first... more »

Henry Burr Sherwood

Henry Burr Sherwood was an inventor, miller, and farmer in Westport, Connecticut. He played a... more »

Henry Cecil McBay

Henry Ransom Cecil McBay was an American chemist and a teacher. more »

Henry Cole

Sir Henry Cole was an English civil servant and inventor who facilitated many innovations in... more »

Henry Doulton

Sir Henry Doulton was an English businessman, inventor and manufacturer of pottery, instrumental... more »

Henry F. Phillips

Henry F. Phillips was a U.S. businessman from Portland, Oregon. The Phillips-head screw and... more »

Henry Feinberg

Henry Robert Feinberg is an interpreter of science and technology. Best known as the person who... more »

Henry Fleuss

Henry Albert Fleuss was a pioneering diving engineer, and Master Diver for Siebe, Gorman & Co... more »

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of... more »

Henry Fourdrinier

Henry Fourdrinier was a British inventor. He was born in 1766, the son of a paper maker and... more »

Henry Gabriel Ginaca

Henry Gabriel Ginaca was an American engineer who invented, at the direction of Hawaiian... more »

Henry Guy Carleton

Henry Guy Carleton was an actor and playwright. more »

Henry Hindley

Henry Hindley was an 18th-century clockmaker, watchmaker and maker of scientific instruments. He... more »

Henry Jacques Gaisman

Henry Jacques Gaisman was a philanthropist and inventor of a type of safety razor, the... more »

Henry John Heinz

Henry John Heinz was an American businessman of German descent who founded the H. J. Heinz... more »

Henry Liston

Henry Liston was a Scottish minister and inventor. more »

Henry Maudslay

Henry Maudslay was a British machine tool innovator, tool and die maker, and inventor. He is... more »

Henry Mill

Henry Mill was an English inventor who patented the first typewriter in 1714. He worked as a... more »

Henry Miller Shreve

Henry Miller Shreve was the American inventor and steamboat captain who opened the Mississippi,... more »

Henry Moule

Henry Moule was a priest in the Church of England and inventor of the dry earth closet. more »

Henry P. Glass

Henry P. Glass was an American designer, architect, author, and inventor. more »

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